Dr. Beth Hart Discusses Ear Infections and the Use of Ear Tubes

Ear tubes, scientifically are controversial. The
current kind of literature which suggests, if you can treat that ear infection,
medically treat it, medically. Most ear infections for children follow a virus.
The average child in daycare has 12 viral infections or respiratory infections
a year, that is the average healthy child. So, every time they get a cold, potentially
they could get an ear infection and so what the ear tube does is, it makes
the pressure in your middle ear atmospheric pressure rather than
negative pressure. That’s a negative pressure that causes white
cells and bacteria to be drawn up through your eustachian tube, settle in
your middle ear and then multiply and that’s what causes ear infection. And the
other thing is then that you can treat the infection topically. You don’t expose
them to antibiotics. Some parents think that way, you know, I
want a shot of this antibiotic and I always have to sit down and say why? You
know, it’s not the healthiest decision that you can make for your child. So, you
can put little antibiotic drops in and it will go through the tube to the middle ear and then you don’t expose them to

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