Dr. Carl Hanson Has Been Annie’s Eye Doctor for More Than 30 Years

I’m an e ad pissing and [I’m] at Presbyterian, St.. Luke’s Medical Center, I Met Dr.. [Hanson] 30 years ago when the records from my previous Ophthalmologists were transferred to Dr.. Hansen and I’ve consumed Dr.. Hansen Ever since I have Dr.. Henson to my cataract surgeries 10 years apart Dr.. Hansen also treats me for Glaucoma Pigment area Cloud coma and He’s always [very] Concerned he’s always very confident and I Wouldn’t trust any other ophthalmologist with my eyes one day I looked in the mirror and I noticed that my eyes were two different colors and I made an appointment to see Dr. Hansen to Determine why I added color change in the iris of my eyes and upon Talking with Dr.. Hansen he explained to me that I had pigment [Airy] Glaucoma and At that point he began to treat me for Glaucoma and has continued to treat me for Glaucoma I Trust Dr.. Hansen with my eyes He is my all-time favorite ophthalmologist Dr.. Hansen has treated me for cataracts. He did a cataract surgery in 1999 he did my other eye for cataract surgery in 2009 He has treated me for Glaucoma And I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my eyes he is my all-time Favorite ophthalmologist, and I have complete confidence in Faith in Dr.. Hansen skills it’s once in a lifetime that you find a doctor that you can trust and I am so fortunate because Dr.. Hansen referred me to Dr. Bez and now I have two physicians in my life That I totally trust with my life Dr.. Hansen thank you, so much for all the care you’ve given me the last 30 years I appreciate all you have done for me and You need to know that you’re at the top of my list if anyone ever needs an opthamologist

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