Dr Frank Howes | Eye & Laser Centre

My name is Frank Howes. I am a specialist ophthalmologist
with specialist interests in cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery. I’m director at this institution and we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re an ISO accredited organisation and enjoy the services that
we offer the community. I am a father of three beautiful children. I have been a very active
sportsman in my life. I represented South Africa
and hold my Springbok colours. I do spend a lot of time, you know, surf skiing or water
skiing or in the surf. Those are my main pleasures. I did my initial primary degree, MBChB, at the University of Cape Town and then followed on with four different
specialist degrees thereafter. Additionally, as part of my
interests in academic medicine, I have written 12 chapters,
in fact, 15 chapters now, in the big tome of ophthalmology
on cataract surgery. But I’ve also contributed
to textbook writing in the fields of glaucoma, particularly in laser for glaucoma. I also am a reviewer for some of the peer-reviewed journals. I have a strong interest
in advanced ophthalmology and as a result I’ve spent a lot of time researching new technologies. In the unit here, where you see, right in front of us is the
first VisuMax in Queensland. It’s a very special femtosecond laser that does wonderful new
methods of changing sight and changing people’s lives. We’ve pushed the boundaries
very successfully and have a host of exciting procedures that have benefited our
patients enormously. The feedback from the patients is great. The new technologies are, well we’re pretty selective
about new technologies. And we very much focus on the technologies that we believe are
strictly of great benefit. And indeed, the procedures
that we have used are working wonderfully well.

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