Dr. Mariotti talks about a new treatment for sinus problems

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Associates of Chester County Hello, I’m Dr. Adam Mariotti, one of the ear,
nose and throat physicians here at ENTACC. We see a lot of patients with sinus problems
here in our office, and I’d like to tell you a little about a
new treatment that can help those with recurrent sinus problems. For many years the only treatment options
available were medical treatments with medications like antibiotics or steroids
for infections and allergy medicines such as antihistamines
and nasal sprays. The next step for those who medicines didn’t
help was sinus surgery in the operating room. While those treatment options are still very valuable, there is now another option for treatment called balloon sinuplasty. This is a safe and minimally-invasive tool we can use in treating those with chronic sinus problems. Your sinuses are air filled pockets behind
your facial bones that surround your nose. Each sinus has a natural opening through which
mucus can drain, and this drainage is what keeps your sinuses healthy. Anything that obstructs the drainage can cause
a buildup of fluid in your sinuses, and that can lead to inflammation. With this newer treatment option, the balloon sinuplasty, a fine flexible wire is equipped with a tiny balloon and is passed through the nose and into the
problematic sinuses. The balloon is inflated enough to remodel
and open the narrowed or blocked bony passageways, and this is the same type of tool that doctors have used to open up blocked arteries during heart surgery. With the sinus drainage pathways more open, the sinus is better able to drain in its natural manner. This procedure can be done in the operating room
with patients asleep, sometimes in combination with more traditional
endoscopic sinus surgery techniques, but it’s so well tolerated and minimally- invasive, that for select patients, it can also be done in the office under only local anesthesia. This avoids the need for general anesthesia and shortens the recovery time needed for our patients. You can come into the office and then
drive yourselves home the same day with no need for a significant recovery time
or time off from work. No nasal packing is placed, and most patients
report excellent relief of their sinus problems. In short, the balloon sinus procedure offers
a safe, less invasive approach to sinus problems with a quicker recovery time. So ask your ENTACC physician if it sounds
like something that could help you. [text on screen]
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