Dr. Robert Morse [En, Fr] Q&A 348 / 6 — Mercury, fibroids, baking soda, homeopathy

Subtitles: [email protected] This is Alexi. “I just want to say a huge
thank you for all that you.” Oh, I love you, honey.
That keeps us going here. Love you guys.
We’re all in this together. We’re all in Homo sapiens
bodies right now, kind of on a rock that’s
spinning through space that’s slowing down
and getting more negative. We just have to turn that around
and infuse that with more energy. That will speed it back up
and everything’s good. Thanks, sweetheart, I love that. “I really appreciate all of
your amazing and valuable videos.” Oh, thanks. I never thought you guys
would like these videos like that. That’s pretty good.
I appreciate that very much. Makes me warm and fuzzy. If it helps you and you get yourself
out of trouble, my heart’s good. “Learning about the detoxification protocol
and spirituality… … has been a life-changing experience.”
Oh, thank you. Thank you. It should be because we need to poke
our heads up, out of the sand, and start looking around at the beauty
that is ours to have and to enjoy. Then there’s so many deeper parts
of yourself you can enjoy simultaneously, oh, my God! You’re such a massive being,
each and every one of you. You’re all so beautiful and massive in
your ability to do things and who you are. You know, we play these little games,
these little, humanoid games. But the reality is, you guys are
some big, spiritual dudes. Just got to wake up to it,
that’s all it is. Thanks again. Oh, happy,
happy holidays to you. Thank you, Alexi.
Thank you so much, sweetheart. This is Cora: “Recently, I had mercury fillings and metal
crowns removed by a holistic dentist.” Good. “In the next week, I will have
my root canals removed, also. My ND had me on a protocol
of bentonite clay, charcoal, MSM, and electrolytes for one month
before removal. Then chlorella the day before
and the day of removal, then a heavy-metal spray
for days after removal. Is there anything I should be doing for
detoxifying the mercury out, in your opinion?” Yeah. I definitely would get
my lymph system moving, because, remember, the body
dumps what it doesn’t want — metals and everything else —
into the lymph system. That’s where everything is stored. You don’t store in the blood;
you store in the lymph. So what you see in the blood is
fractional to what you have stored in the body and the tissues
or in the subcutaneous tissues, probably even in the lymph nodes,
and in the interstitial spaces. So get your kidneys filtering.
Get your adrenals up. Clean up the gut so that everything
can absorb and eliminate well there. Get yourself sweating so that everything
can be eliminated properly, and you won’t have a problem one. You want to make sure
you’re detoxifying the head. Get your sinuses clean.
Ear candle your ears. Start cleaning
and getting everything flowing. That’s hydration, and that happens
in an alkaline medium, eating predominantly fruits,
berries, and melons, maybe with some veggies or veggie fruits. I’m not a fan of MSM, at all. I wouldn’t be doing that one.
As far as charcoal, bentonite; minimally. Make sure you’re moving your bowels well because you don’t want to get
an impaction by taking these clays. But those are easy to detoxify out
and stuff like that. I don’t know why these holistic dentists
get crazy about removing everything, like root canals and everything. I’ve had twelve root canals in my life
and none of them ever bothered me. But if you keep getting your body
acidic, acidic, acidic, then everything’s going to bother you.
So you have to change that. You have to change the nature of the
medium in which your cells are living. Your cells cannot live and thrive
in an acidic medium. They can only live and thrive
in a base-dominant medium, which is a negatively-charged medium, which is what nature
favors on this planet. Some other planets are the opposite, and those are the ones that
NASA knows we can’t be on. This is Pia.
Is that the name? “Happy New Year to the wonderful staff.” Thank you, thank you, thank you,
my friend. Thank you. Thank you. Happy New Year.
Boy, it’s moving so fast. We passed Santa Clause now, I guess. Now it’s who? Easter Bunny?
No. Valentine’s Day. Well, you know, you make every day
a happy day, then it doesn’t matter what day it is. Every day is your day
to rejoice and be happy. You woke up. It feels good. The body feels good.
There’s no aches and pains. You’re pretty pliable and easy.
You’re not stiff and sore. You’re loose. You’re not stiff;
that’s good lymph. “Look so much forward to another year”
— yeah, baby — “following all the inspiring
and motivating YouTube”. Thank you, man. I’ll tell you,
I’m excited for the new year, too. I think we can really heal them up. You know, we have some cases
like Paul here or some of the guys that are deep into some ALS things. I know there’s an MS case
that I’m working on overseas. He’s really fighting, but he’s changing.
He’s growing spiritually; that’s changing the outcome. So you know, sometimes we have
tough things to go through: past experiences, past karma and stuff.
But burn through them; don’t take “no” for an answer.
You will get up. You will not stay in that same position.
You just make things happen. You power up.
You bring the power of the divine in. You bring the power of your knowing and
that’s what you — you become the knower. You become the controller.
You become the head of your destiny. No more leaf blowing in the winds
for you guys. “It brings me closer to my life,
my health, love, and my goals.” I love you, sweetheart.
Good deal. If I’ve helped in any way to that,
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s my goal. That’s why I’m here
and why we’re all working together. I love it.
It’s a fun thing. “I’m working hard on my fruits, berries,
and melons here in the little cold Denmark.” I know it’s tough, guys.
I know it’s tough. We do the best we can.
You do the best you can. If you have to cheat once in a while
on steamed veggies, okay. But you do the best you can. You know, I’m proud of all of you,
working on yourselves, because you will reap the rewards. Others will sit there and keep
yap, yap, yap, yap, yap… and never reap the rewards. “Lucky though, I have an apartment
in Spain, also.” Ah ah !! It makes it a lot easier. Well, I wish you well, too, my dear one,
Pia, and all you guys out there. Happy holidays.
Enjoy the year. I can do one more.
I’ve got time for one more. Okay. “Is it okay to take a teaspoon of baking
soda in water to help reduce acidosis?” You know what?
We call it the fast-track alkalizer. We generally do that,
but you want to be careful. You know, I’m really careful about
chemistry that’s produced in the body. Because when you get into the pancreatic
duct where the bicarbonate is produced, you’re really into an endo/exocrine gland. When you’re getting
into the endos and the exos, you’ve got to be careful about supplying
to the body what these tissues produce because it is obvious and notorious
that these tissues sit back when the chemistry is already supplied
by a foreign or an outside source, whether medical or naturopathic,
or whatever. So you’ve got to remember that
and be real careful. But I’ve done that to some extent
on our near-death people, a little pinch. So I’d rather see you do a little pinch
of baking soda, aluminum-free, in maybe some Heal All Tea
or in your herbs or something. Just a little pinch, that would be good. But also, by cleansing and enhancing
the GI tract, the pancreas, the liver, etc. bicarbonate and everything
will be produced. Whether that aids in
the rehydrating process and ionization? Probably to some extent. It sure helps the blood maintain
its level; that’s for sure. But keep working on kidneys and adrenal
glands and that relationship there. This is Steve: What do you recommend
to shrink fibroids? Steve? Fibroids? Alkalinity, the opposite side
of the chemistry that’s creating them. It’s that simple, Steve.
The opposite side of chemistry. For you guys out there,
you know what welding is; right? Well, that’s what acids do. So you take a woman that’s had
extreme acidosis of the uterus. They call that “endometriosis” — that will actually weld the uterus
to the bowel wall… I was just reading a case, matter of fact,
the same lady that had… — I think she had a tumor
in the uterus or something.– Anyway, they did a hysterectomy
and they found that her uterus… … had welded itself a little bit
to her intestines and stuff. — oh, no. This was ovarian.
It was ovarian cancer– and they just took everything,
cervix and everything. Jesus Chriminey. It’s like, What? So it’s just, we can’t live
in those ignorant low-level, ostrich-head-under-the-sand-
type levels anymore where we’re cutting out
people’s organs and glands because we don’t know how to fix something that the rest of the world
is learning how to fix. So you want to bring alkalinity
and hydration to your tissues. How do you do that? You change the
chemistry you’re bringing in, number one. So you’re going to move
from an acid-dominant ingestion to a base-dominant ingestion.
To have a base-dominant ingestion, you have to eat fruits, berries, melons,
and veggies. That’s it. Everything else is an acid ingestion. Even if you get into and argue
about quinoa and millet and stuff, you still have such a high level
of complex sugar, or starch, that you’re going to see
a higher acid hit on them, anyway. So really, you want more of
the simple chemistry, the basic chemistry without the complex. Because most complex chemistry
ends up in acidosis anyway or… … or ketosis… …which is lipids. So that’s what I would be doing. I would bring alkalinity in.
In other words, move lymph. Get the kidneys and adrenals up. Make sure you’re filtering, and bring
hydration by eating those foods. That will start reducing fibroids. It will make things
that are hard, soft again. When you see tumors that
get hard, that’s acids hardening, making things petrified, like hard rocks
that are actually wood. So I mean, it’s just what goes on
under the acid sky. That includes radiation therapy.
That includes chemotherapy, in particular. These things just fry you up
like a piece of bacon. Is that how we get healthy? Is that how our health
care system’s turned out? Well, it shows you what’s going on
on the planet; huh? “Robert”. Hey, Robert. Oh, I’ve got
to end this one pretty soon. “You said we aren’t also green-eaters. I am worried no one knows a damn thing
about anything at this point. These questions, though, do you know
what homeopathy is?” Of course. That would be a strange
question to ask a naturopath, bro. “If so, do you think it’s real?” I do. You know, even though
you’re taking the essence, the frequencies of these things, I’ve always liked herbs better
to be honest with you. But if you want to treat your problems, I’ve never seen a better system
at treating symptoms where you don’t have fatal events
and the extreme blow-back that pharmaceuticals have. I’m against the concept of treatment
but I’m only against it so far because, in this world
you have to have some of it. I’ve known some great homeopaths. And I’ve seen some homeopaths
produce some incredible products that really took — I’m ready —
that will really help you. I’m in favor of a good homeopath. There’s a reason the queen uses one,
remember? She’s not a stupid woman. “If so, do you have proof it works?” We have plenty of people
reducing symptoms. Go out and get yourself a headache and then go get yourself
a good homeopathic formula. It will take it right out. “I’m assuming, yes, yes, and no.
Please correct me if that’s not the case.” Yes, yes, and no, okay. Well, I’m saying: you could be a green-eater
if you extract the cellulose out of it. We could be green-eaters
by removing the fiber. That’s why we invented — of course,
why would you invent a juice extractor if greens were perfect
for you? You wouldn’t… You would find, Oh, look, I can take out
the heavy, digestive side of that and benefit more from the chlorophyll
and somewhat of the chemistry. But when you look at frequencies
and look at the total package, and look at the type of vertebrates
that we have on the planet, it’s quite easy to look at teeth, bowels,
and fingers and hands, and claws, you know, all these things
to compare species. Then these questions are mute,
because really, we can eat them, but they’re not the
maximum good for us. The fruits, berries, and melons
are easy for us to digest, higher in energy, and definitely suited
for the Homo sapiens. But I like homeopathy.
I’ve said this many times, Robert, medical doctors need to be homeopaths. The killing of humans
would drastically go down. So I’ve got a lot more here,
but I’ve got to take off. Look at this. Compound
— I love this one. This is pretty cool. Who sent me this one?
This is Neuroscience: Compound found in herbs and spices
strengthens brain connections. I’ll have to read this.
It’s Brazilian. “Brazilian research shows
that the flavonoids (oh yeah!) have potential to treat diseases like
schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer […]” “Treat”, no. Wrong thinking. But it’s the flavonoid complex
that you’re looking for in your fruits and your berries,
in particular. Highest flavonoids on the planet. They are vascular health,
health in neurons, health everywhere; high in flavonoids.
Part of the Vitamin C complexes, but Vitamin C is acidic…
You want flavonoids, baby. And we’ve talked a lot about
flavonoids here in the past videos. Well, I’ve got a lot of questions I want
to get to, but I’ve got to run here. Oh, yeah. I want to do
this guided meditation, too. So I want to put that
over here, as well. Tracy, let me get you again
on these questions here. I want to close
and go take care of business. All right. I love you guys.
I’ll come back and finish up here. I’ve got a lot more here to go over.
I hope this video helps you guys. Go have some fun.
Happy holidays. I love you all. This year, we’re going to knock them;
aren’t we? Yeah. You guys have some good cases. This is the year you’ll see you
winning your cases. Remember, it takes a good year
around a good case to see your cases win, or six months, you know. So allow your cases time
to come around and win. Anyway we can help you,
we’re here for each and every one of you. I love you guys.
May the blessings be.

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