Dr Ruit – An Eye Health Hero

I just wanted to be a doctor,
who’s in a clinic and seeing some patients and having a good family life, you know,
that was the kind of picture I had in my mind. Not what I am doing now. I think this is a very important
part of my life. I am now closely coming up to a stage
where I feel, that in my hand
I have an expertise which very quickly I want to
deliver it to other countries I think I have to really hurry up
and do it quickly. At that time, when I am operating,
my soul, my heart, my brain, everything is in the eye. Because I don’t think about anything else
but just the eye. It’s not only the surgery,
you know, it’s the system. You are doing about 150,
160, 170 cataracts a day and there is no hitch,
everything is moving, you know. What we have been doing
throughout the world is not only increasing
the surgical quantity but also the surgical quality. and that’s where our expertise
gets into establishing a system which is very efficient, cost effective
and gives consistently good outcomes. The other thing that is really good about
this program is how we can leave behind
a sustainable program. Our main focus is
empowering the local people. This is the most cost effective
medical intervention. Very often you will see these people
who have been blind for several years and that burdens
the whole family. Once you restore the sight, the patient comes
out of a very deep psychological depression, into a different world. The person goes into a different life
and the patient says that “I’ve got a re-birth!” I have seen it so many times, but again and again,
I would say it is the most amazing experience. There was a lady who had been blind
for a few years and we took her patch off
the next day and she actually lit up and she went
crazy in the post-op room. She went “ahh, aye, ho ho”.
You could see all the wrinkles disappearing. They are very powerful,
very powerful moments. It recharges you
and makes you stronger. I love what I am doing. If I was given a chance to be born again
I would probably like to be born as an ophthalmologist. In such a short time, you can make a difference
in so many peoples’ lives.

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