Dr. Victor Gonzalez – Gulf Coast Eye Institute

LASIK is a safe procedure in the right individual.
I think that’s the most important message that I can send out to the public, and that
is not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, but those that are good candidates for LASIK
can have very good outcomes. I think one of the important steps that we
take is that we first try to make sure from the front of the eye to the back of the eye
that there isn’t an organic cause for the loss of vision. Most LASIK patients will have
a little astigmatism or some refractive error that causes a reduction in vision, but quite
often our experience has been in the past that we see patients who have had problems
with diseases of the back of the eye that have been the primary cause of the decrease
in vision. Our philosophy at Gulf Coast Eye Institute has been to try and avoid that as
much as we can. The way we can do that is by evaluating the individual from the front
of the eye to the back. I think the big difference between our evaluation
in the majority of the patients is that all our LASIK patients get an evaluation by a
retina specialist to make sure that the back of the eye is not the primary cause of their
loss of vision. When I first had LASIK done, the first thing
I noticed was just how crisp everything looked. Even wearing glasses, there was always like
that little glare or little smudge, and everything just looked so clear and pretty. Colors seemed
more vivid. I don’t know if it was me, but everything just looked clearer. My combined
vision today is 20/15. Your great vision may be a phone call away.
Call Gulf Coast Eye Institute at 1-844-GULF-2020 today. On the web it’s Gulfcoast2020.com.

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