Drawing Faces From Any Angle

hey everyone cynics here today’s video is all about helping you improve at drawing faces from any angle from imagination it’s a question that I’ve been asked and explained in a handful of different streams but I realised it would be a lot easier to simply make a video on the topic I’m going to break it down into a few different levels that will hopefully help people of every skill level it’s important to note this is simply a method I made to help myself there are lots of methods for this stuff many using Bridgman or Lumas but personally I’m not a fan of using circles and organic drawings so this is my technique okay let’s dive in level 1 is going to revolve around a basic sheet of paper visualize that sheet of paper in your head is a simple rectangle now weigh it flat on a table hopefully you have no problem drawing a flat sheet of paper in perspective but if you do maybe practice that first the next part is where it becomes very important imagine the paper having a slight curve to it straight down the middle this is going to be the shape we care about and don’t worry if my description was terrible I’m drawing everything out so just look at it and hopefully you can understand it if you really want to get good at drawing spaces from any angle you’re going to have to be able to draw this curve sheet from any angle I’ll draw a bunch of random examples now I recommend practicing a lot of these just start with one of the curved sides in a random perspective and then build it out from there I think that’s the easiest way to do it I’ll add a bit of coloring just to make them stand out a little bit more and for future reference I’m just going to ignore any lighting or anything like that it just paint them all in a very universally colored way regardless of direction if these first ones are giving you any trouble whatsoever just keep practicing them you can practice them as long as you want until they become very second nature anyway level 2 is where things start to actually begin to resemble a face I’ll draw up some simple level 1 sheets to start things off but it’s going to be important from now on that we always visualize a centerline running down the length of our sheet and I’ll just draw it in the first few of these so you don’t have to visualize it that hard we’re going to be adding a nose of sorts and to do that we need to just have an oblong diamond shape embedded in the middle of our sheet you can make it bigger small as long as the geometry lines up you’ll probably be fine it can be a little tricky and you might have to erase some lines when the nose overlaps the outer edge of your sheet but hopefully you’ll get the hang of it this nose is really the only thing that matters in level two but getting it to look good can really ramp up the difficulty we’re also going to add a couple of dots for the eyes not too far above the halfway point of the face and halfway between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of our curve sheet we can draw a line for the mouth just remember this line is on the surface of the sheet it will always follow the curve of the sheet the bottom edge of the sheet can even be a handy guide for what the curve of this flat mouth should look like once again just explore away as much as you can draw this level to shape from any angle you can think of with just these simple details it’s probably enough to get you comfortable in drawing simple stylized characters in any direction I kind of like this little paper boy character he has a little bit of a charm to him now that this sheet is pretty filled out I’ll just finish these all up with some color I’m going to be adding a little bit of brightness to the top parts of the noses and a little bit of shadow to the bottom parts for level three things will only be getting harder to be honest after level two there could be as many levels as you like you can either build up each plane of the face until you’re really comfortable with each one or you can just skip all of that and dive right in to finish spaces for this video I thought there were a few features which you’d gain some extra attention though in level three I’ll be adding cheek lines which in turn will help dictate where the ears will go and I’ll also be adding some dimension to the lips as well as the interior eye sockets you’ll notice I only said interior eye socket this means the part of the eye socket closest to the center line if you were to rub your hands around on your face you might notice that interior ice-bucket has a lot of depth to it right up against the nose meanwhile the exterior side further away from the nose just blend smoothly into the side of the head when we draw eye sockets or anything really we only care about the places that actually cast shadow in show form as far as the lips go is not too complicated just remember that both the top and bottom lip need to come forward I will hint at the jowl line in the first drawing by using a blue line but it’s not important to draw right now just understand how it works and how it plays into the area under the lower lip it’s a bit silly but I actually had more difficulty drawing these spaces than I did drawing realistic faces for me these ones all fall into a valley of being pretty unappealing but that doesn’t mean they aren’t very useful for practice it’s just a little creepy they almost want to be human but they like chins and things of that sort I’ll just zoom through these bumping up the level of details and shading just a little bit to hint at all these added forms if you can do these ones well then that’s probably a good sign at this point you hope we tackled some pretty complex forms and your brain is getting a decent workout when it comes to turning objects in three-dimensional space I’m going to jump straight into the fruit of this labor and just make a bunch of fully formed human masks for different angles and perspectives the days of the paperboys are over and we’ve graduated two masked men you might be thinking that masks aren’t the final stage and I should be focusing on completed heads but I find that visualizing every face as a mask helps a lot with the mental gymnastics involved in creating really solid looking characters from imagination my biggest hope for all of you is that you will reach a point where the idea of making a straight-on view of a face seems so incredibly boring that you just find yourself filling sketchbook pages with imaginary character faces from the weirdest angles you can anyway this last level is really for people who have a pretty good grasp on facial anatomy and plains of the face already don’t worry if they’re still giving you trouble I’ll be making Anatomy videos on noses and other parts of the face in due time just practice those paper curves is nothing else you may notice that in a lot of these faces I’m still using the basic paper curve for most of the top of the face and really only modifying it heavily once things that blow the ear and get into the more angled features of the jaw and chin always keep what you can get away with as I color these all in with my basic paper looking colors you might still be thinking well how do I get to the rest of the head I’ll quickly throw in some lines to show you how it can work just remember a lot of the areas outside the mask will usually be controlled by the hair shapes and more graphical elements but even if you just want to do a bunch of bald characters I’m still going to make the strong recommendation that you avoid circles use sloping shapes or rounded boxes anything you can to punch a little life into the head shape personally I’ll take a boxy looking headed over circular one any day just let the angles flow and paper into the neck and whatever graphical way feels right to you if you’ve been around art long enough your brain has some level of instinct for shape appeal walked in there somewhere just don’t overthink it alright I guess that will do it for this video I hope it will help out some of you or maybe just give you an alternative view on things that you’re free to consider in this regard at the very least thanks for watching and a big continuing thank you to everyone that supports these videos via patreon you guys are the best around so don’t ever let anything keep you down so you guys


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