I greet you all in the name of Jesus, I
don’t know where to start from. Wow God is great, for the past
five months that I’ve been coming here my life have been completely changed
Wow I don’t know really how I can start because so many things have changed in
my life the way I think, the way I communicate
even with people some of my friends and even the colleagues are asking is that
the previous Musha, that we know so so many things have changed
so being specific from the prayers during our last healing service I think
I was having a problem with my arm because I have fractures in 2014
and my arm was still paining but since that prayer of that healing school
its gone, I can do my push up, I can do everything with this hand, being specific from the
previous last Sunday I was grateful I was having like earache for almost two
weeks this ear to change to come to this side
but last time I was prayed for and after the service its became like worse but
what I said I know that I’m healed this pain is gone I slept that Sunday Monday
no pain until now I never experience pain its gone but but when the pain became worse you kept on declaring the healing yes, that’s that’s the key that’s the key
whoa praise the Lord thank you Jesus and now he’s healed okay because he didn’t
believe the devil because he’s a liar okay so he stood on the word no matter
what it is you know friends just stand on the Word of God because it works if
you work it you know you can read it from Genesis to Revelation
but if it doesn’t come alive in your hearts if you don’t act upon it it’ll
just be like a normal novel but when you begin to act upon it and I even bring
the Lord into remembrance of his word he says do that bring me into remembrance
you know. Father your Word says ‘By your stripes I’m healed’ Lord your word says
that you ‘supply my needs according to your riches in glory’ so I bring you into
remembrance you know it’s scriptural prayer because
God’s watching over it but he’s looking at the faith that’s backed up behind
that prayer Wow miracles just begin to explode and we
seen so many miracles happen in this ministry it’s it’s really incredible


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