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hi one david here with Miss Chandra of living waters wellness center in boise idaho in today’s edition of our old youtube video is going to be about ear candling i first discovered your kin linked with my middle daughter was one-year-old she had numerous ear infections and my other daughter had a few as well but it was getting to be kind of pain because this causes actually to miss our christmas vacation so going back about 25 years ago this time I got fed up and heard about this thing called you’re canceling I said that’s it we’re not going to the doctor again doesn’t work to continue to get reinfected i’m done with this so I went down to my local health food store and I says tell me about these ear candles and interesting at that time goodnight father is from hewlett-packard because a lot of people becoming a Packard to get your account so it’s kind of buzz back then some 25 years ago I was just learning about it had no idea what I was doing and then I had to talk a little one-year-old baby to do it here candle which is very interesting but we gotta do it and then four years after that the kids had a near infection or have their ears were hurting they would actually come they go they come walking up to me daddy I near candle so it’s very effective it’s very easy to do we talk about human what it’s actually doing for you but the quickest easiest way to get rid of this basic this blockage in your station to and get that because out there now if you have a healthy colon you’re popping up Annie dinner candle because eighty percent immune systems and get and you have a healthy colon up and have an issue but things happen from time to time we get little imbalances so as we have your candles for so miss Shandra is going to actually do and show you how to do your candle on me so tell me a little bit about now this is a pretty big too i noticed two different sizes so when you’re in your local area you may go to helping store you might find one its various down the side of a pencil and so we talk about the differences as well as we go along so she’ll tell us a bit about your knowledge of what we’re doing ok what I learned with doing that the first time I actually had an ear candling and I experienced it was because my chiropractor through an office cope discovered that I had a bug in my ear and said that his wife does your candling so I had no idea what that was was open to it and so she had some very large like this your candles there beeswax and herbs blended into the cotton gauze then it’s wrapped in but the important thing with these is in the size matters because you want to when you put the candle into the ear you want to get a seal because once you have the seal the smoke is going to travel down and create a vacuum and that vacuum helps pull out any impurities your wax or bugs that might be in the ear canal so that’s why it’s important to get these are to find these larger size your candles and we have them here at Living Waters and then the service itself if you’re going to do it at home you would need to protect the head with a paper plate and the ear candle would go in the sway but if you come to living waters and have David her i do it then there’s a whole procedure that goes with it it’s about a one hour procedure and it’s you get more than just the ear candling just realized that you see you’re just a moment how great it is are you ready to lay down i’m really there ok so lay on your back first and remove your glasses ok take her top off take charge ok so i put some gloves on because you’re gonna be a lot of bacteria and be your wax itself you just never know plus it keeps my hands from my own personal private reasons to keep my hands from smelling like burning cotton so when I start out there’s about 15 20 minute time period where i will start to activate the sinuses starting with over the head here’s a sinus points here in the temple and the idea is and I’ll go below the eyes to get the sinuses across the cheeks the idea is to start stimulating the congested flow downward towards eustachian tube and out out of the body into the lymphatic system actually is where it goes there’s lymphatic drainage right here in the in the neck by the classical so my intention when i get started is to clear and activate the the all the scientists pathways will also work up in here up in the cranial there’s some sinus points that you can stimulate that will help start things flowing so you’re kind of waking up that system so that it and activating it so that it knows that something’s common so I do that for like I said about 10 or 15 minutes but just for purposes of demonstration and then I will have the client either turn their head to the side or lay on their side and i am not using the paper plate but again if you want to do this at home this is the safest way because you want to protect the head from any burning another little choice that I’ve used for years was also some other than oil as well so it’s so so again you could use at home why use pretty much any use of paper plate i use a little bit of oil but either one works great just because there is the potential for as you’ll see about some ash dripping ya could come out but very rarely does it ever do it until you get right down to the end when you pull it out so yeah yeah because that the idea with these candles again with the vacuum is that whatever is only the smoke that’s going to come out and I’ll show you what the interior they don’t pull any of my great better out or you don’t have and this is what I have to put up here so we’ve got your face usually I would cover the eyes and the nose but I’ve got just that you’re opening here it just you know so i did this on my daughter of one so this was a little bit about if you’ve got babies you know it’s gonna take a couple of you and do not know justin i would put in a lab that’s what we did and just talk to him and I put the oil down so you don’t want them to see the fire obviously that compatible or that one reason up covering 9 yeah but to get a baby might not like that as well so anyway we did with our bigs after the first couple of times that is a when she was walking Larissa she should come in waddling down the floor with with a giggle I don’t mean to interrupt however one of the important steps that you want to be aware of is the smoke coming down the candle that tells you if it’s coming down at the end that’s going into the ear vacuum or heat is already going downward that the cone shape fire is up at the top and so when I insert it i insert it not again you have to be careful with some of the store-bought ones that are smaller that you might you don’t want to insert it too much that you get a poke on the ear trauma but you want to make sure that you’re not seeing any smoke escaping through the ear candle connection that tells you let you know that you’ve got a solid vacuum so well if you press too hard you those smaller Jesus catalyst will actually banned you give you the purpose so yeah you don’t have a clear path along the darkness so on these candles and again these are the deluxe ones i’ve been doing this for about 18 years and i wouldn’t use any other smaller ones there’s a lot of safety features reasons that i wouldn’t use it but if that’s all you can find in your health food store just be aware so on these because there’s so much bigger around and they create a lot more vacuum than the smaller ones these indicators here these lines around the candle tell you when to look out for the fact that there’s enough wax in here that you need to clear the cone so the other indicator that i watch out for when it gets close to this line is that if I see smoke going upwards around the flame then I’ll know that it’s not there’s no vacuum anymore so then that’s when I would take the candle out so any on the first step the candling itself takes about 20 minutes for each candle these are long burning candles so you’re getting much longer effect in the you know the vacuuming out and then while the client is mother candles burning in the client is resting and again I’ll go in and do some head work and sinus were kind of opening up and stimulating that area to relax and release most the time the clients will fall asleep we don’t have the bright lights on when we’re doing the candling with a split the smaller channels to one of the things you will just starting here now but you can also tell the person doing this gym if you feel a little heat you’re also probably hear a little crap crackly and that’s all fine and normal and in and get so don’t worry about that you’re feeling heat a little bit you just know that it yeah this will be handled the smaller candles that you’ll most health food stores will have for those of you who are not in boise don’t get kidnapped Living Waters remember pretty fast probably about know the device takes seven minutes yeah it’s pretty fast doesn’t take too long at all so you may want to do one or two cables per year if you need being so and if you do have a problem in one ear but more of an issuing one over the other I would still do both ears because we always want to assist the body and finding balance so even if you feel like one is worse than the other just be nice to the other one as well and do the clearing I gotta tell you that thing quiet like a professional here kids and done so i’m just starting to see the smoke come up outside of the candle that tells me that things are pretty well working here so i’m going to take the candle oh and I have a bowl of water here i’m going to blow it out over the bowl of water i’ll just cut the candle off if the flame is too great and then just douse that in the bowl of water then these ear candles and most your candles I think come with the cleaning stick so this is a cleaning stick you take the part that was in the year and you clean it out onto a nap in or paper towel because again there could be bacteria and here ok so then I clean it out onto the paper towel and now we have another Claire to your candle that i will relight the fire and and put it back in his ear he so then just go back into the ear and again I i just kind of pull the back of the ear to open up that canal opening and then cover the gear up make sure making sure that there’s no smoke escaping from the connection to the ear and there we go again go for round two and then typically you can see it burned I took it out just right above the line because the smoke was coming out so that’s my first indication that i look for but it typically always ends up the same timing as when I hit one of the one of the marker lines you find you if I’d be appropriate to play that song burn baby burn saying yeah this red line here though is the last line you did not go you in these candles you don’t burn past that red line so you you want to stay even in the smaller store bought candles you probably want to stay at least four inches off at the skin off of the ear because you have pull it out and let me tell you get to shorten to go to issue was pulling out that has been the client also will feel heat and so if they start to tell you that it’s getting too hot it could be that they already have some inflammation in the ear canal maybe they already have an ear infection again these are this is good for anything that might have gotten into the air it’s good for your infections it’s good for earwax buildup is it improves and allows the ear that hearing the Honorable to improve I had a client and elderly client and she didn’t want to get fitted for hearing aids so she got handling done once a month for a year and then she finally had to and she finally had to go and get that you’re hearing aids but before when we started the doctor the audiologist was already telling her that she needed to that she was losing her hearing but we kept it may for about a year and then she finally had something I’ve noticed two years ago ahead of a friend of mine came over and she was very dizzy him some we obviously vertigo issues and it is yummy majors that bothered me as well so you know to to kind of hand so we didn’t quit your kid water and she stood up and stood up what wow just that just that fast so it’s pretty amazing how it pulls out that information very quickly the history of ear candling is that they used to use it way back probably the same time they started doing colon cleansing with the Gordon read they used it with just rolled up paper as a purification let’s see the Native Americans and other indigenous cultures used it as a purification before they went into secret ceremony or sacred ritual dance ceremony to purify any unclean thoughts or any you know whatever there-there understanding that while that was at the time and then also they would do it as a purification process if they were going for royalty so there was your first papas smoke coming up off the top there’s comes more so this is telling me that it’s clogged and at the end i’ll show you what we actually got out of David’s here the first time and then the second time and you can see why it starts to logout use youtube so we do a q-tip in the users with my free to get up no okay then I always have a q-tip and there’s gonna be some residual or residue in the ear want to make sure you have enough waiting to see this hopefully somebody is assisting you if you’re deciding to do this at home because you want to get out any sometimes I’ve seen chunks that have been left in the ear this is just basic oil you can use actually part of like massage oil but you can use any kind of olive oil or coconut you see all the way through my head yeah playing on a green towel see that ok free to get up now alright okay we got you so this was the first extraction out of the handle and were the first burn you can see and I don’t know if the camera picks this up but i can see different colors in the candling so that tells me East candida because i know that you haven’t been on antibiotics if I had somebody that had the that came in and they have like pink and a brighter green that tells me that they’ve been on certain meds like an antibiotic and then this one here is mostly you can see is just the wax and then some powder before it so it was the wax that got things clogged up now a lot of people say oh well that’s just the wax going down but the west of the two of its yeah the wax is on the outside of the candy as you can see here and that’s not the same as the wax on that your wax so that’s yeah that’s that Lofton that’s wax and congestion so any of the harder matter that collects in the e.r and then this is more than mucus so how often would you recommend for with a father have pain or something moved would be you start to feel pressure in your ear or you feel a loss of hearing of some kind or think you’re hearing sounds a little muffled you know then there’s something going on when i had the bug in my ear I had my chiropractor look in there because I thought he needed to do a little bonus justement but I was feeling a sharp pain in my ear and the pain was the bug of moving as it was being suffocated by the ear wax which the body does as a self-defense mechanism our wax our earwax is is a self-defense mechanism so if there’s something going wrong and you’ve got a lot of earwax in your ear your body is producing that for a reason so yeah anytime there’s any kind of sharp pain or pressure or your hearing becomes changed then i would get a candling well it’s pretty expensive do what is a service here living waters what does it cost is going to come in here to do you say it’s an hour session you’re doing I know massage very nice yeah just been charging fifty dollars good these are really expensive candles yes part of that cost goes for the candles but I’m telling it compared to what’s out on the market these are very good luck scandal is so you can probably go to a health food store and find the cheaper very thin candles probably I don’t know three four dollars maybe five dollars pack of 3 4 10 or 6 4 10 okay and these are in the 15 ish range yeah plus so anyway so complete difference and these have the herbs on and these are the bee wax you also have to be aware of what they’re using material or route the comb and what they’re using for wax a lot of them will you just use cheap paraffin wax which is not healthy okay thank you very much sterile pleasure sir so anyway for those of you who were watching this on youtube it’s very easy to you you can do this helps if you get emergency situation like I like travel information i take some candles with me just in case because it’s very inexpensive to it is a really easy thing to heal if you’re gonna stand in buying green you get somebody going to get some ear pain and so forth so hopefully you keep own healthy boy at all but for those times time of year when you are getting your immune system is there a little cold well then you probably have some issues with your ears as well so this is a very easy solution and hope you enjoyed the session from living waters more on our facebook page at Living Waters plans and also our website living waters cleanse dot-com have a blessed day


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