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thanks for joining us Frank comes in
today Frank you’re actually a patient of dr. green pods write operas is this our
first time meeting i guess i did so so now that you’ve seen the better
looking dr. Vaughn you can still go back to dr going ok ok
you have something to hear what happened I well I am wearing h and every evening
they take them out to you know to go to bed and that I pulled my left hearing
aid off the it’s called to look that’s on the end of it the hearing aid yet did not come out of
my ear ok and it it’s detached from the hearing
aid itself so and the tulip is right there inside of your ear this is not the first time this has
happened either so I don’t know look well I’ll tell you what it has a
silicon lip they should be able to grab pretty
easily we have the alligator four steps which we used to have to keep these
locked up in the emergency department and then one of my favorites is just
these were really sweet yeah it’s really fine tipped you know
give you the cold tweezers or forceps and you can use the light from that yeah well I apprehend that you feel it coming in yes it feels good yeah so it should look something like that yes
that’s it as far as you’re concerned that’s that’s intact and complete and
yes all right let’s let’s look at it well we’re not done till we take a look
at your eardrum behind where that was well it was deep enough to make a couple
of little bruises or ECMO sees or abrasions on the side of the canal but
it wasn’t touching the eardrum it’s pretty close to it so i guess it
was fairly uncomfortable what a beautiful shot of your eardrum
and there is one little spot looks like it may have been injured and it’s in the
upper back part of it it does look like it got pushed in a
little too far that if you know this has happened
before it is as efficient as you want to
actually in both ears it probably is from getting it pushed in
so far that kind of get stuck in the canal and slide onto this little square
device but i don’t know whether it’s shit it latches on earth there’s a
groove to hold it in place when I protein in my ear may be on the
net pushing too far in and we supposed to also check with whoever services
these for you and see if they have some advice for helping them keep from coming
out so we don’t have to do this its regional and the resound do you get that
from a local village of mail order oh it’s mail order – oh ok we may have
to check with the company to see if they have a way of keeping them from coming
off try the for now try not not pushing and
quite so hard and see if that helps first we can always take it out and if
it were to happen on a weekend or something it’s not so uncomfortable that
you can’t wait you called me right away all good I hope . anyway well thank you
yeah just don’t get water stuck behind it if you have any problems yeah so yeah
there was a little injury to the canal is just bruising it will heal up all right and I shouldn’t try to take it
out myself well no because you can’t see it yeah I know walk into this field at
night and that it could maybe injured if you can look the thing i would say to
anybody if they want to take this out themselves was that the concern is ruptured eardrum so if you can confidently see it and
then that’s why we have the instruments we have here and some people may have
access to good magnification that they would be able to have something small
like are four steps to be confident that they’re grabbing it and pulling it out
without injuring the sides or the European that’s that’s the problem and
thanks for joining us and if you haven’t already subscribed click on the
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thank you and dr. mark I’m telling you to stay in good health


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