Ear Infection : How to Treat Ear Infections In Children Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 107

Welcome to the Vitalife show. I’m doctor
Janine Bowring and I thank you for joining me today today’s topic in the Vitalife series Is all about ear infections and how to
treat them naturally especially in children because this is a
common complaint and I see with a lot of my patience and you know moms and dads
come in and they often get caught up in the regular
conventional way of treating ear infections which usually means one antibiotic after another and the
reason that this really doesn’t work is that when conventional
antibiotic will do is kill all those bad bacteria yes or maybe but also the good bacteria and
it’s those good bacteria probiotics the friendly flora that we really need to
keep our immune system strong so when it comes to treating ear infections
naturally which of course is what we want to do is we can give natural antibiotics that
aren’t gonna kill off all of the probiotics the good flora but we also want to make sure that the
immune system is functioning optimally we want to make sure that
we’re also decreasing inflammation in the body all around and we want to make sure that
were supplementing with enough of the good guys those probiotics so the immune system how do we do this?
Well there are natural herbal supplements that exist that help to strengthen the immune system
that whether it’s at the surface level a herb which is great for this is called
echinacea or at a deeper level are great herb for this is called astragalus and this is a Chinese
herb we are helping to target those
infections from the outside so right when it happens in acute
infection but also at a deeper level over time we can strengthen the immune
system as well with these very specific herbs and so what
I did basically is I put these wonderful herb together in the formula for Vitatree, Vitatree Cold Flu and
Immune Formula to help to cover all these bases whether its surface
immunity deep immunity and helping to also treat and alleviate
those symptoms whether it’s ear infections or cough or
cold or flu so again really easy to take for kids it’s
one capsule twice a day for adults when you do get sick whether
it’s an ear infection or anything else you can actually double up and take two
capsules twice a day I’ve taken as much as six capsules a day so easy to do it so important to on a
daily basis as well especially if you know that your children are prone to
getting these ear infections you really want to ramp up their
immunity and make sure that it’s ready to fight off whatever they’re coming in
contact with and be doing the cold flu and immune system on a daily basis especially throughout the
winter months it’s really important and the next thing that we can do
manually now for our children is lymphatic drainage now lymphatic
drainage helps to move the lymphatics which are all within that the head and neck to
help to drain that fluid in children unfortunately they’re drainages not the best and this is why they’re
more prone to those ear infections as oppose the adult so an easy way to do
this is to do ear exercises so I’ll share
this with you and basically what you’re doing is
you’re helping to move those lymphatic and help to make sure that
there’s enough blood flow in the ear area so the first thing
that we do is we pull up on the ears so you can do
this for your kids or you can teach your kids to do this as well especially
if they’re prone to these ear infections so basically pull up on the ear you’re
gonna pull back on the ear and you’re gonna pulled down
on the ear and then you’re gonna push in the
tragus so that it actually makes that little popping sound
the tragus is that part of the ear right here that when you close it closes off the canal to the ear and the last thing your gonna
do is actually massage, so massage the lymphatic system behind the ears and then right down the neck and this
helps to drain the lymph you don’t wanna press too hard on this
because the lymph system is very close to the surface of the skin so you just wanna do this very gently about
10 times and you doing this on each side do it at the same time and what a great way to not only treat an
ear infection naturally but also prevent it so if your kids are prone to
this then you’re doing this you know two, three times a week great thing to do
now in the diet you want to make sure that you’re avoiding a lot of dairy
products and sugar these are the two worst culprits for you know those frequent ear infections and low
immunity so make sure you are decreasing those and
be sure to leave your comments below I love that you join me today and do
these exercises let me know how it’s going for you and your children thank you for joining me and be sure to
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