Ear Infections And Candida: Is Candida Linked To Ear Infections?

Howdy there, it’s Eric Bakker, naturopath
from New Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the
Canxida range of products. A question I get asked by many subscribers
on my YouTube channel is “Eric, can you do some YouTube videos on ear problems and Candida?” I can do that indeed. I’m going to do one video now on ear infections
and yeast infections, Candida infections, and I’ll do a subsequent one on tinnitus or
noises in the ear and Candida because there is a link there as well. Ear infections are something that I’ve worked
with for many years with patients. It’s estimated between 80 to 85 percent of
all children are going to have at least one ear infection before the age of three. It’s very common. In fact, over 30 percent of all visits to
the pediatrician involve an ear infection. And, of course, what is the thing that they
will give a child with an ear infection? Antibiotics. What a stupid thing to do. In 2010, the Journal of the American Medical
Association released a report saying that antibiotics were ineffective for ear infections
in infants. In fact, they discovered that they cause a
huge big problem with the beneficial bacteria. Once you get caught in the antibiotic loop,
in that merry-go-round, you’ll find that you’ll be forever going back for more drugs and more
drugs. Poor children who get antibiotics before the
age of one or two create a massive amount of problems for themselves as they get older. It’s critical that the child maintains a very,
very good microbiota in their gut. They need to keep the bowel flora intact. It’s critical. Because that’s going to help them protect
their body from a lot of illnesses as they grow into teens and then young adults and
into adulthood. It’s foundation. It’s really like when you build a building,
you need to have a very good foundation before you build a superstructure on top. The gut is the foundation. If you’re going to come in there and mess
all that foundation up even before the building is put up, what’s going to happen when that
building is 20 stories high. When that child is six foot tall. What’s going to happen when a strong wind
comes along, the whole building is going to go “bllllgh”. When that child is older and is six-foot-tall
and gets some kind of viral infection or goes through a marriage bust up or has some massive
stress in their life and then gets put on medications, they’re going to get very sick. It’s a not a good idea to mess around the
foundation. Better off messing with the foundation when
the building is established. Be careful with that. That’s good advice to you if you’ve got young
children and you’re watching this. It’s your call if you give antibiotics, but
I just think it’s a crazy thing to do for ear infections. There are different ways of treating. The link is certainly there. Candida causes a huge amount of disruption
in a person’s body on multiple levels. Candida loves to affect different areas of
the ear, nose or throat. It can be easily identified in infants with
strong sugar cravings, white coated tongue, erratic behavior, very strong liking for one
particular kind of food. Allergies are something that you’ll find typically
associated with ear infections. Very much so. If you’re got a child with a very powerful
liking for a particular food, you need to get rid of that food out of the child’s diet
because that can often be the food that’s helping to stimulate the allergy. Whether it’s oranges, bananas, or cheese,
it will often be a key food. If you look at the page in my Candida Crusher
book called the “Hypoallergenic Diet” or the low allergy diet, it’s the second phase of
my Candida diet approach. That’s the kind of diet sheet that you want
to look at when it comes to your child and ear infections. The key foods that you want to remove from
that child’s diet will be all dairy products. Butter is fine, but you’ll want to take cheese,
milk, cream. Yogurt is generally okay unless there is a
very powerful allergy, then you want to take yogurt out as well. Oranges and bananas you should take out of
the diet. Chocolate. All forms of sugar need to go from the diet
with ear infections. All forms of sugar, including honey, maple
syrup, molasses, xylitol, stevia, brown sugar, any kind of sugar. Any kind of sweetening agent, you need to
just pull it out. White sugars especially. High fructose corn syrup that is buried in
so many foods today. You’re going to create a suppressive effect
of the white blood cells and you’re going to create a stimulation of the Candida. It’s a double edge sword. Double whammy you’re going to create when
you give sugar to a child with an ear infection. If you want a quick resolution, my suggestion,
especially with a young child, is to go to an herbalist and get some drops for the ear. I quite like using onion juice. Get a brown onion. Cut the top off and that juice into the ear. That has a very good effect on ear infections. There are different herbal solutions that
again your herbalist can make up for a child. But the big one is you need to make that diet
change. Making that diet change will help. Antibiotics, I wouldn’t even go there. I just don’t think it’s a good choice at all. I think it’s a waste of time. I found cow’s milk to be the biggest one with
ear infections, so take the cow’s milk out of the diet right away and see how you go. Thanks for tuning in.


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