Ear Infections, Colds and Flu this Winter

Back to the winter freeze. Now the
cold we’ll be feeling for the next few days is more than uncomfortable. It is
potentially dangerous. 13 WHAM’s Amanda Valdez is in Henrietta
this afternoon she spoke to some people who are outdoors braving this weather.
Amanda.>>Doug and Ginny it’s important to cover up and cover any exposed areas
that will help to prevent frostbite. Now, while I think it’s bone-chilling cold out here,
locals tell me they are ready for what’s to come. Colin McCullough is no stranger to the
bitter cold.>>Definitely gotta have the layers. I got four different pairs of gloves in my truck at all times.>>Geared up and ready to go his layers keep him bundled up as he braved the
weather working as a plow driver. It’s definitely very cold out. I mean trucks
don’t want to start in the wintertime.>>In cold temps like this Dr. Eric Nielsen
says covering up is key. It’ll only take a matter of minutes to feel the bone
chilling cold.>>It doesn’t take long, especially with the windchill at minus
20 something in the next couple of days. It’s important to not be exposed
for too long a period of time. But frostbite isn’t the only concern during
this weather. Dr. Nielsen says he’s treating a number of people with ear
infections, most commonly found in children 6 to 18 months old.>>Ear pain would be the most likely presenting complaint here but also lack of hearing
or blockage of the ears. He suggests if you have to spend any time outside it’s
best to get to a warm place as quickly as you can. It’s exactly what Michael
Glassic and his brother Steve did today as they ran errands.>>It’s definitely cold,
there’s no two ways about it. The two spent some time at the Irondequoit Bay
admiring its beauty — but all from the inside of their car.>>You know if you were
there you know not have a hat on your ears were too exposed about your ears to
get frozen pretty fast.>>And Dr. Nielsen says he doesn’t see a whole lot of cases
of frostbite that’s because people for the most part cover up with jackets
scarves and things of that nature. For now we’re live in Henrietta. Amanda
Valdez 13WHAM.

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