Ear Infections – How To Reverse & Prevent It

Ear infections are very very common in kids and typically they treated with antibiotics and then eventually they
don’t work so they put in tubes. Well they have found and very few people
have any sort of idea of why it would work. I don’t know either but kids who get adjusted most of them the ear infections go away and the other factor is dairy. Once people get adjusted and they get off dairy all of a sudden ninety percent of the problem [women off screen] He doesn’t drink milk he just eats yogurt He stopped drinking milk. [Dr Ekberg] yeah [women off screen] so he’s on yogurt and cheese. He loves cheese. (FYI: yogurt & cheese are dairy) [Dr Ekberg] So just to venture some sort of explanation again everything that goes wrong is because something isn’t working right and if
you have dairy if you have stress if you have toxins and chemicals and you
have subluxation things that don’t fire right in your nervous system [women off screen] right [Dr Ekberg] Then you can also have swelling in different tissues and if that swelling
occurs and in the mucous membranes of the ears then the fluids don’t drain properly [women off screen] right [Dr Ekberg] and you get infections. So what do we change for the adjustment? We change brain firing and if we can correct… The brain is also
regulating that blood flow and the swelling of the mucous membranes so anything that we can make… that we can do to make the body and the nervous system
work better symptoms go away all right


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