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Chances are; your baby will get an ear infection
at some point. About 75 percent of kids get them before they’re 3 years old. Ear infections
often begin after a cold when fluid gets trapped in the middle ear and becomes infected by
a virus or bacteria. Your baby pulling at her ear is not a very reliable sign that she
has an infection. So look for these instead. She’s crying more than usual. Ear infections
are painful, so your baby may seem fuzzy and have trouble sleeping. An infection is especially
likely if your baby becomes upset when she’s lying down. She’s had a cold for several days
and now she seems like she’s in pain. If your child has cold symptoms, and then suddenly
seems more uncomfortable, have her ears checked. Many children with ear infections will have
fever ranging from 101 to 104. However, fever alone does not mean that your child has an
ear infection. Usually, they’ll see other symptoms such as congestion, and ear pain
too. A doctor can check your baby’s ears to see if she has an infection. If she’s under
6 months, they’ll probably get a prescription for antibiotic. For older children, your pediatrician
may want to simply observe the ears to see if an infection will clear up on its own.
Acetaminophen or ibuprofen for babies older than 6 months can help relieve her pain and
bring down her fever.

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