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so we are irrigating our patients here
in an attempt to dislodge a little piece of wax is right up against the eardrum that’s cause irritation and has been
ever since what was it called tough mudder yeah
ever since the tough mudders one particular event of the tough mudder was
called the art and architecture cinema that was many ice and I just want to
tell you that normally in the setting of an enema it’s not the ear because
something that it I don’t know that the paint on tough
mudder know this yeah somebody writes in that they’ve done they hadn’t done it
feels good LOL ILO means not all right so what I’m doing is checking to see if
we’re actually getting that little bit of matter i saw that you’re going to
look into the basin but in this it’s really stuck to it we haven’t yet so you know that we were careful not to
use too much pressure in and little pulses of pressure as she pushes a
hundred download the syringe somebody just joined us so we need to
tell the problem is there’s something stuck on the patient’s ear drum that is causing irritation she can she
tell it’s there and just looks like a piece of wax instructor somehow it got to Washington’s when a
bunch of water on straight did you feel the water go in your ear
you did yeah we had to go all the way ender they’ve got hungry let me see your mask and then we will
see if we can actually look through this telescope its movement and actually what I’m
seeing is no longer what I saw it before it was it’s almost like a flake of wax they got folded on itself and crumpled
up I was on your own and now it’s unfolded
and coming off so this is working this is Carrie ok
thanks and the way we do it here yes we use warm water coldwater you actually cause dizziness yeah these warm water and we had box it up and then we just use a 20
milliliters are in the next 20 milliliters wrench and for a tip we use
a catheter this here is a scalp vein set like they
use a little babies can we cut off the sharp needle and just
use the the hub here that goes on to the syringe so you have just the smallest
little mouth on it to get shot this is a little those little silicon or
plastic tubing just the tiniest length of it just a half inch about because
into the ear canal and out there did you guys see some floating in there and hurt
something i think can you feel anything different going
out with the light here was a light company yeah there’s something came out ok time
somebody says q-tips are bad to use only for use around here not in the year and
as dr. apple at the ENT doctor in Sacramento says q-tips are the
instrument of the devil she’s rather strongly that . i’m going
to take another look again because I saw something you feel like it’s going to
tell ya water you doing what you know it’s not
completely gone I can still see flakes of wax always
back in there on the eardrum very adhering to its possible with something
that got washed in during the top matter other than other things but it looks
almost clear and in wax doesn’t always clear when it’s a very thin flake and
just get stuck on the side of the canal clean your ears you don’t use it well normally they will
actually take care of themselves but some people will still get build up even
with just not sticking some failures and so will recommend over the counter use
of product called marine or cerumen x ok and that will help soften wax and
then irrigation with just water even though we try to get people not to
put water in the series because it can cause problems if you get stuck behind
wax cause a fungal infection yeah sometimes what’s right in here yeah
shower and then tilt your head and of course that words if there’s no wax to
hold water in there is lack of the water and you want to use a product like
marine world first remix and of course you can go to your doctor and have this
sort of procedure done but i’m surprised that somebody gave me a part that gives
hard to the castle on the screen because as far as going to like what they’re
watching – I’ll show you what it looks like
they’re how they like your ear and now there’s a lot of things just hasn’t
mentioned it so what may happen here is that we don’t
completely make it look clear that i can still see like there’s a little flaky
wax on it but if you don’t feel it anymore if we get enough that you don’t
feel it will stop at that point okay because we’re not going to make you
feeling better than if we get to normal and it just increases the risk of major
innovation to keep going cell phones clear out the wax also just
the vibration from the speaker wow you listen to it so loud that the
fight rates that you can think that we will not sell your function sine the
periscope medical release form it doesn’t say periscope long ago does
the use of video and voice and image for any and all purposes with no claim for
compensation something like that Kelly did you read it now you don’t read
the forum braces off to be good we’re going to come and collect your
children after this ok that’s and you do have a wonderful
children by the way so don’t always happen this one ok it is actually going now you can you
tell water but the thing that’s been going on ever since the motor is just
feels like still even now oh ok that wasn’t so make
sure that it was I don’t want to assume that it was ok cool well thanks for participating in the
studio and we’ll see you next time probably is forgiven maybe even a tough
month behind on it oh yeah let me say goodbye to everybody
here somebody loves your irrigation I love your irrigation cool thanks for
joining we’ll see if we have something else cool
for you probably not today because it’s getting late in the day you’re welcome you’re walking Danielle
no this is good job doc I didn’t do anything they did the whole thing for me all right we’ll see you next time thanks


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