Ear Nose and Throat Experts Jan 2019

Many people come see us for nasal
obstruction issues, recurrent sinus problems, sinus infections, allergy. And
then pediatric patients would come see us for recurrent tonsillitis, recurrent
ear infections. We see everyone from just after birth until… we have a geriatric practice as well. I’ll see a lot of children and then I’ll have a parent say, I didn’t know you see adults. Or vice versa. We’ll see a bunch of adults and they say, I didn’t know you see children. Well, of course we see children.
We see adults, children and throughout the age ranges. Ear nose and
throat, like a lot of specialties, there’s a lot of room for misdiagnosis. So for
the system’s and the patient’s benefit it would be best if we saw them early on. They are apprehensive about having a procedure, especially sinus surgery, nasal surgery – we hear a lot of
anxiety related to these. We have procedures such as balloons for sinuses
that are less invasive. People have horror stories in the past of seven feet
of packing in the nose. None of us do that anymore. It’s all dissolvable. Sinus
surgery is not like it used to be. These patients – it’s a day surgery it takes 30
minutes, maybe an hour at most. There’s no black eyes, there’s no change in
appearance, there’s no packing. With the advances in technology and treatment, and the skills and experience that we all have… that in general, ‘the juice is
worth the squeeze.’ You may have to put a little investment in, a little time, a little energy, but it’s going to be well worth it and none of us are
going to recommend surgery that isn’t going to be worth it. There’s these
processes that are well-known and children and we know it’s certain, for
example, ear infections they’re going to occur when a child is between 6 and 36
months. That’s the normal range and this has to do with more anatomic development, and so these are things that all kids are going to experience. The other thing
we’re seeing a lot of is tonsillectomies that we’re doing in adults, because when
those adults were children and the pendulum had swung away from doing
tonsillectomies, so one of the messages I’d like to get out to the community is don’t be afraid to have your child taken care of early. The one thing I always talk
to parents about, we see children for obstructive sleep apnea. (Good one) With big giant tonsils, they’re snoring, they have school poor school performance, they have trouble… difficulty concentrating in school. Different things
that people don’t think about like bedwetting. A lot of these things
can be attributed directly to obstructive sleep apnea and a simple
tonsillectomy can take care of that a lot of times. The most one that I see
that goes unchecked for too long is the hoarseness. So what we would like
what I’d like to see, I think we’d all like to see, is people in the office
earlier. If you are a smoker and you’ve had a month to six weeks of ongoing
hoarseness, you should be in our office. As a general rule for referring
doctors and just the general public, if a patient has a hoarse voice that’s
persistent for four weeks they need to be in our office. If you have six or more
throat infections in a year, you need to see us. Or five per year for two more
years. If you have four ear infections you need to see us. If you have one ear
infection associated with a febrile convulsion you need to see us.

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