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Good day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the vlog it is an absolutely beautiful Wednesday morning is itAfternoon yet. It’s going to be happen. yeah its afternoon now. I sort of got up this morning did my work I had breakfast drank two full big glasses of water and right now I’m headed down to New Market to an ear nose and throat specialist just to get a second opinion on the whole neck issue. I just You know what I forgot. I forgot the paperwork Not good. Oh Boy, well kind of screwed that up. I Might have to phone Ben and have him take a picture of the paperwork and then I can show the doctor through my phone probably the only thing I can do at the moment. I was in a rush to get out of the house realizing I don’t have a whole lot of time to get down there and grab the hat I want to park a little bit a Ways from that area because it’s all Paid parking and everything and I also need the exercises so this saves me money and also gets me to exercise Do a little walking Sitting at home all day editing. It’s not good for you, so this will help motivate me get the blood moving Alright, let’s go down the new market. See what this ear nose and throat specialist is going to do for me Okay, made it down to Newmarket park at the School Plaza here Always buy something at the convenience store on the way back Usually I’d like to buy it beforehand to show my Patronage and support while I’m parking in there on their property it’s not like there Parking lot is full. So not taking up anybody else’s spot but I parked away from where all the main people would park to go into a convenience store get out of there So I’m going to this building I’m late 8:51 Davis It is 12:00 after my appointment was 10 after 1:00 So I get in there quickly Find out where the doctor is get my throat checked out Are you doing? Um I guess last august I was shaving and then there’s just like this big bump on my neck and so I went to my regular doctor then he referred me to I guess a surgeon Markham Stouffville Hospital and He aspirated it, and then it went away for quite some time and then it came back just after Christmas I think January yeah, and He said well Let’s send you in for ultrasound or sorry a biopsy so I asked the guy who did the biopsy it can please aspirate as much as you can out of it because it’s irritating and painful sometimes and So he did and then I’m assuming the attended option to test to make sure there was nothing Man, but I came back inconclusive Yeah, they said I had a solid nodule is done with that just like you have your thyroid then you have Use of Follicles, and then is the follicle turned into a solid nodule which then made the cyst I’m just trying to get it the puzzle together in my head. Yeah. I’m not sure don’t say that here. I’ll show you It basically says There is a solid component, so yes within that system so sort of the lower portion of that sits there the more solid Component now could have been an active long follicle could be that that’s a separate module for sure But it’s not a big fist And it doesn’t have any concerning features like there’s certain features in an ultrasound that make us more worried It didn’t have any of those brochures, so that’s a little risk for for concern there I would I would say an ultrasound in six mention to assess for an interval change is very reasonable and if I don’t get the cyst back in six months – it is possible that kind of Possibly rectified, so okay looks pretty for that All right, so this is the requisition and then this is all the different locations potential phone numbers there you can even call an advance Okay, thank you Have a good day. All right so good news. It is possible that I’ll just stay away from Which is what I want So let’s keep our fingers crossed, so I have an ultrasound In December, I’ll have to book it like about three months ahead And then I’m coming back here in six months to talk to her again Let’s get back to the car hopefully get a ticket, and then we’ll go to Henry’s because I’ve scratched the lens on this camera I’m not sure if you notice when there are certain sun or light situations kind of weird glare on it So there’s a special Protector that you can put over it that I didn’t know about and so I saw another Youtuber holding one of these cameras though Let’s go to the Henry’s So like I said went into the easy mark grab myself a gatorade for another bike ride coming up Hello Alright, how you doing? It’s Brian everyone there he is Alright, how you doing? Excellent. Can you see it good to see you too. Don’t mind me. I’m just doing a little writing a book I’m trying to make oh, what kind of book well if you oh, shoot you’d like a quick reference guide. Oh ok ass There’s all these other things. I just want to get a little booklet with the essentials What is this shutter speed with an aperture? How do they work together? What are some quick little charts that you might need to know like focal length What should your shutter speed be at 300 millimeter and so on to get sharpness, right? It’s just a little thing you can keep any camera bags pull out and refer to quick action Yeah
And a lot of people don’t want to sit there on the phone and blood maps great so I mean we’re talking about different generations Very cool. Well we’ll pimped out when you’re all done. Thankfully no problem. That’s ok anyway. They just shoot me a message on Facebook or something Brian has ordered the lens protector for this Really again wish I knew known there was one for this so this camera what I’m looking at right? Now is the actual lens It’s not like a piece of glass over the lens You’d think that it would be I guess against the fact that it’s the figure that you’re going to be putting it in the Underwater case for most of the shots nothing me running around with it in your pocket like I do that I Would think that that was a protective? Piece of glass, but it’s not as the actual lens so we’ll have to deal with a scratch lens for a little bit longer and we’ll Try and work on some more sponsorship So that we can now buy another camera, and then use this as a secondary camera the backup Hello again, it is 7:30 Just finished putting the cooking review together. Hope you guys enjoyed that I have to knock it down from 30 minutes and There is like good stuff in there pretty much the whole way through. I’m like that’s gotta go that’s gotta go like big stories and stuff that Paul, and I will tell and but I just I can’t I Have a 30 minute show, I don’t think anybody would watch it This is too long too long. I apologize to the people who would love to watch a 30 minute cooking show, but My analytics tell me nobody watches 30-minute cooking shows am I cooking sure something might be other people’s cooking shows people watch but Anyway, so now I got to cut the long disaster aggressive really long More skipping klog and klog me to stop when you shake it clear If we then can afford to have grow a little no more alright guys, thanks for stopping by yeah


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