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Nothing can ruin us the landing more than
a strong pain in ears. Not too bad when it keeps on for just couple
of minutes and then disappears. But we face a true problem, when ears start
to hurt us already at the moment of final descent and continue so until touch down or
even longer. But there are some methods that can help us
getting rid of the pain and make landing stressless. That will the topic of today’s episode. Enjoy watching! Where does this pain come from? A human ear is an organ extremely vulnerable
to pressure changes, that are something inseparable from air travels, or, more precisely, all
changes of altitudes. The higher we are above the sea level, the
less dense is the air, which also means that the pressure is lower. Although just above the ground the atmospheric
pressure is equal to 1013 hPa, on the altitude of 36 thousand feet or 11 thousand meters,
it is just 226 hPa. So, when an aeroplane descends to landing,
the growing pressure causes tympanic membrane in middle ear to be somewhat blocked. Although healthy persons may not even feel
that pain, even small problems with health may lead to unbearable discomfort. Key here are paranasal sinuses – we can call
them small chambers connected to nasal cavity. If we have even a slight runny nose, or worse
sinusitis, the air flow between them is more troublesome than normally and may cause sinuses
to be squeezed. And when we have such a problem with air flow,
a pressure pushing eardrum may end in pain. But not only sinusitis may be the cause here. Also responsible might be some water lasting
from diving or otitis. And now the main part: how to deal with it? Here important is prevention. If shortly before flight we suffered from
cold, sinusitis or other already mentioned health problems, it is good to consult a doctor
that may prescribe us medicines helping deblocking paranasal sinuses or eliminate the problem
with runny nose. Nevertheless, if we already face the problem,
we don’t need to panic. Helpful in eliminating it might be moving
the jaws back and forward or right and left or powerful yawning. My favourite method is squeezing the nose
with fingers and exhaling the air that will flow through ears, causing them to deblock. Some people help themselves with chewing gum
or candies Particularly small children may suffer from
the pain. Those of you that already travelled with kids
in aeroplane for sure have experienced the unstoppable cry signalizing problem with earache. But even for that we have solutions: helpful
here is giving a child candy or lolly pop. If we travel with a baby, helpful also is breast-feeding
or giving a teat 🙂 Thanks a lot for watching today’s episode. I hope that my tips will be useful if next
time you struggle to eliminate the pain in ears and make your landing pleasant. And what are your solutions to the problem? Share them in comments, plesase. I also encourage
you to leave a like if you enjoyed the episode, and subscribe to our channel for more tips
for travellers. Take care and fly high!


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