Ear Piercing & Stretching Tips : Healing Infected Ear Piercings

Hi, I’m Kerri at Zebra in Berkley and I’m
here to tell you about healing your infected ear piercing. If you realize that your ears
have gotten infected the one thing that you definitely do not want to do is drown them
in alcohol or peroxide. That’s going to end up tearing down the surrounding tissue and
actually giving you a little bit of a chemical burn which will in turn make your wars even
more inflamed and infected. What you do want to do is soak the infection out. The way you
so that is by using a little cup, you fill it with warm water. It can be tap water, distilled
water is better. Either works fine though. And one pinch of sea salt or Epson salt. You’re
not going to want to use regular table salt because it contains iodine and that will cause
even more irritation and problems than you’re already experiencing. Once you make your salt
water solution you’re going to want to stick your ear in the cup, basically giving it a
little bath. For at least 10 to 15 minutes. That’s going to suck all the puss out, loosen
all the crust around the area and make your ear a lot more happy. In addition to that,
you can use some kind of triple antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin or bacitracin that
will kick start your ears back into healing mode. Besides that you’re going to want to
only use cleaners that are very mild and are closer to the PH balance of your own body.
Such as antibacterial soap and water. Benzoclonium chloride but again do not use any super fancy
cleaners. Don’t use alcohol. Don’t use peroxide. I’m Kerri, your favorite piercer and I’m here
to help you.


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