Ear Piercing & Stretching Tips : How to Handle an Infected Ear Piercing

Hi I’m Kerri at Zebra in Berkley and I’m here
to tell you how to handle an infected ear piercing. The first thing that you are going
to want to do when you notice that your ear may be infected is go straight to your local
piercing shop, ideally a good one that has been there for a while and ask them if they
see signs of infection. A lot of times people mistake irritation for allergies to either
the metal or the cleaning solution as infection. If that mistake is made it’s as simple as
changing the jewelry or changing your aftercare process in order to clear it up. Sometimes
with jewelry people use substandard metal or even just switch their jewelry a little
bit early. Ideally you are going to want to wear surgical steel, 14 karat gold or better
or Titanium in your piercing until it heals. If you do in fact have an infection and the
piercer that you went to go consult with shows some concern then you are probably going to
want to go see a doctor or a practitioner who can prescribe some oral antibiotics to
you. Sometimes you can avoid this but it is not recommended by using a triple antibiotic
ointment such as Neosporin or Basotracin. Again that is not recommended you should never
treat yourself especially when a professional has told you to seek some advice or help from
a doctor so ideally you will go to the doctor and get it taken care of properly.


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