hey guys it’s Kristen so today I thought
it would give you some cleaning tips for your stretched ears it’s really
important to keep those ears clean and on a regular basis so they don’t get
infected they don’t smell and all kinds of other disgusting gross things so
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what I post next the first thing is for me every single time I take a shower I
take my earrings out so that way while I’m in the water the steam and the soap
and everything is kind of washing those ears out for the most part it just gives
you a general cleaning of your ears just like the rest of your body now along
with that I only wear earrings about three times before I do a full cleaning
and don’t wear them again for a little while so what I do for that is a sea
salt silk Wow say that three times fast so here I have sea salt and then I have
a small bowl and you’re just gonna put a small amount that’s probably good you
don’t need very much and then you’re gonna fill it with warm water and you’ll
let it kind of swish it around until you can’t see the salt or it’s completely
dissolved and then you can put your earrings in here to soak well the ones
that I have in now take these out you can kind of get like gunk in the grooves
and I mean really you should be cleaning your ears and your earrings on a regular
basis so all I do for this is I don’t the q-tip into the salt water bowl I’m
just gonna say salt water bath you don’t a q-tip into the salt water that’s been
soaked in your earrings and then you really just want to go like around the
edges and really try to clean it really well while you’re doing that use the
other end or another q-tip and you’re gonna dunk it into the salt water again
and now you’re gonna go in your ear like this now this isn’t gonna work obviously
if you have smaller ears for that I’m going to show you something else but you
pretty much just want to get a good cleaning really rub it around and get
that nice and clean now once your ear is clean I highly recommend that you use
some kind of ear or skin protectant Lube this is what I use but there is all
kinds of different ones this is going to keep your ears clean and healthy even if
you have those earring in for long periods of time I would take
them out and put this in at least once a day for anyone who has a smaller size
hole where maybe you can’t put a q-tip through it or you maybe you just
stretched a week ago and it’s really kind of tender you can do kind of like
an ear soak which it’s kind of funny difficult I recommend doing it over a
sink or maybe even in the shower but pretty much you’re gonna do kind of the
same thing you do with cleaning the ears you’re gonna put a little bit of sea
salt in a cup or a small bowl fill it with some warm water just make sure the
size of the cup board of the bowl or whatever is just about the size of your
ear because you really want it to suction on there so this glass dish is a
it’s pretty big but if you have large ears this might work well for me the
little Dixie Cups this is kind of what I used when I was first stretching because
it fits perfectly over my ear so what you would do is once this is in here you
want to kind of tip your head down like this with the water in and then you are
going to tip it the other way like this and I would leave it for anywhere from
two to five minutes because the sea salts gonna be able to kind of swish
around in there and clean any of the gunk out and then you still want to try
to like wipe it with a paper towel or some sort of clean cloth and then follow
it up with putting some of the ear lube or some sort of oil skincare product on
your ears some of the other cleaning tips I’ve heard is people will actually
put their jewelry in the dishwasher in like where the silverware thing goes so
obviously since it’s like kind of girls like your skins on it I’m guessing that
they do this on with nothing else in the dishwasher because that would be really
girl stuff like your dead skin and all over your dishes but you know people do
that with like baseball hats and stuff like anything you want to wash you can’t
like put in a in a wash machine so if you have a really high or like a
sanitize setting on the dishwasher it kind of like steams and really sanitizes
everything so that’s another option as well all right so that’s it for today
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