Ear Tube Surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

this is the season pediatricians’ offices
start filling up with kids fighting colds the flu and ear infections if your
child suffers from chronic ear infections ear tubes could be the
solution that exact moment of us having to leave our child putting the mask over
their face they’re small they’re little there’s big bed they’re laying in it and
that was probably the scariest moment for my husband and I all three of Amy Santa’s
sons have undergone surgery for ear tubes Luke was a toddler when his
pediatrician recommended the procedure fluid in Luke’s ear canal was causing
hearing loss and speech problems my other two had frequent ear infections
and we would have one a month one every other month they never would go away it
really is a plumbing and ventilation issue you get an ear infection because
the ear can’t drain on its own and the fluid builds up and then there’s an
infection so we see children who have had recurrent infections to place these
tubes to ventilate a space that can’t ventilate on herself
so children some children are more predisposed than others anesthesiologist
Jill beelin understands parents’ fears and anxiety when their child’s about to
undergo surgery the doctors here treat each child like one of their own while
in their care it’s natural to have those feelings that that anxiety is okay and
then I tell them they’ve already done a wonderful thing by coming to a pediatric
hospital where there’s pediatric surgeons pediatric anesthesiologist we
got to meet with the anesthesiologists beforehand we were very comfortable with
dr. Thompson the whole process in the morning of bringing him and getting him
ready and it was so smooth so professional for Amy Santi and her
family coming to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for ear tubes benefited them
in more ways than one for us the family we weren’t spending our
days in the doctor and I just think overall their health
improved they were happier kids for more information go to our website at cbsatlanta.com


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