ear wax candles | Dr. Terry Buhl

dr. Terry bull back with you again we
had some fabulous suggestions for gifts lindsay and wine wanted some human ear
wax candles and that seems a little weird but you know what dr. Vaughn pulls
out enough earwax I think we’ve got enough for candles I want to work on
some for you way hey Paulie as you hand me the yeah the
mail tray there the male’s stand whatever to mail to my
oh alright so what we got here human earwax and we can make this into
some fabulous candle material I mean wax is wax you know i’m saying i
got a couple more here a couple more little nuggets I feel like I’m on a cooking show or
something alright we get these things get them nice and pliable squish them up
nice and we can form them into little cohesive pieces they get very pliable
when you squeeze in between your fingers very nice very nice anyway this is gonna
be a lengthy process which we won’t show you the entirety of what will will give
you that the basics and then we’ll cut straight to the finished product so as
you can see this process of making candles out of human earwax is very
labor-intensive so i’m not sure what kind of a price we could put on this it
can be very expensive stuff nonetheless i have created one and it’s
sort of the prototype I’m rather proud of it and i think it could be used for a romantic dinners if you follow my drift it’s beautiful it’s a gift that keeps on
giving I think most people would like to have
it so tell us what you think


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