hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Reese Bobby from audiology associates thank you very much watching a new actionable video today it’s lovely to be back with you guys I hope you haven’t missed me too much in the last week and a half so what we’ve got here our first patient has a plug of ear wax really hardened up I’ve introduced a little bit of olive oil here just to loosen it a little bit from the ear canal soften the edges and so if it’s the ear wax you can see there’s a little bit of movement there to the surface so what we’re doing now is unsticking it just by lifting the route you can just see a bit of movement to the ear wax when we got a really good bit of a wiggle here there you go you don’t know it’s going to come out in one piece so there we are take a look behind there for you and there’s the eardrum they’re a little bit dull we normally expect to see a little light reflex there but it’s only a very small one so centimeter and a half there I think that’s just over half an inch oh yes just over half an inch there we go so the normal ear canals usually the longest it’ll be is about two and a half centimeter so you can see that was probably taking over just over half the ear canal there this patients come through very similar problem to the previous one very blocked up here ear canal but the ear wax here is really hardened up so I’ve popped the olive oil in it helps to loosen it from the ear canal walls but also to help us get a grip on the outside of the ear wax because if the surface has become really hardened up by putting a bit of olive oil sometimes it allow it just to soften slightly to it and get a good suction grip there but when the surface has become very hardened up like this one has sometimes that olive oil trick doesn’t work so what you’ll find is that we just can’t get a good enough grip so I’m searching along the surface here looking for any grip we can get not quite there so we’re going to switch tools and we’re gonna go for the Jobson horn now you can see it’s perfectly formed to the shape the idea can also very difficult to get the the Jobson horn down in here create that gap this is just working along the edge now just trying to just to push it down slightly to create a bigger gap I’m just trying to find any kind of purchase really on this on this ear wax but as you can see it’s it’s tough as old boots it doesn’t want to shift on here at all you can see how crumbly it gets at the surface when you just start breaking it through and thanks for everyone who checked this out on Instagram while who’s away there’s a couple of holiday pics went on there as well just keep you updated as to what we were doing we’ve also got our new audiologist his name is Peter he’s starting next week so he’s gonna be shadowing me for a couple of weeks he’s a bit camera shy so I don’t know whether he’ll do many of the videos but I will introduce you to him and a couple of the other new members of the teams as well over the next couple of weeks I think mrs. B’s gonna make an appearance at some point as well so lots going on over the next couple of weeks mrs. B as being very busy in the background doing lots of bits and pieces which we’ll talk to you about over the next couple of weeks back to the ear wax removal you can see we’ve managed to push that top section down now you can see just how tough this ear wax is though it doesn’t really wanna budge you can see where I’m gonna pull quite hard on this snow to get it out there we go there we go so it’s just started to move now because we put the other five minutes slid very easily then across the base of the ear canal wall trying to get behind it now trying to keep this together there we are you can see the dry skin that’s been holding this in they let that whiter light to patch underneath quite a long piece this one just trying to get the jobs in horn in it to pick it up to show you there you go you can see that little kind of a layer of dry skin there underneath you can see without layoffs see that white section there at the base of the ear canal that’s that pit of dry skin that was attached into that ear wax for holding everything in place now um as we’ve said before the you ear canal was a really sensitive know we try our best to avoid them but watch what see the patient jump there a little bit because what you have is that because they’re so sensitive if you just touch the edge of them which is why sometimes I will leave certain things behind not in this case but sometimes I will leave things if patients find it a little bit too uncomfortable we’ve got the offending ear wax out okay so forget remember though this isn’t a cosmetic procedure okay this is a procedure to remove the ear wax of the patient can hear better or to relieve discomfort so we’ve managed to do that okay in this case there is this bit of dry skin underneath so what I’m going to do is get rid of as much of this as I can without causing the patient any discomfort okay so I don’t want you know the last thing you want to do well you know if any of you have ever gone for medical procedure or any type of procedure being done and you have experienced discomfort you are going to go to that next thing we have to go to that procedure you’re going to go there with a bit of trepidation we don’t want that for our patients you know we don’t need to be really kind of brutal with this kind of stuff you want to be as gentle as you can we’ve taken a bit of ear wax away there you can see the large piece of ear wax and skin to the left hand side that long strip of skin we were just working on on the right hand side there as well here we go okay last patient in the competition now you can see we’ve got a dr he said ear wax here lots a little bit too here all embedded in there this kind of like the colour tends to be stickier harder ear wax without here embedded in it we should be able to get this out in one piece olive oil gone in again today we should have shaded olive oil we can see we’ve used it quite often today so we can just lift there you go at the base of this ear canal just trying to unstick it again there you go front section I don’t think this is the whole thing this is just the front section coming away you can tell by the way it moves it moved a bit too freely if it was a long piece so you’d expect a little bit more a little bit more of a slower movement to it just you can see you’ve got this flap of skin now see how this is flicking up all the time in front of the suction now as much you try and push this down it’s just going to keep lifting up now I can’t get a grip on the ear wax behind because that keeps moving so crocodile forceps are going to come into play here just to lift and just grab the edge of this to take that away there we go just peel a little bit that away means we can get above now without be flicking up in our way all the time see all the tiny little hairs embedded in there the hairs are probably from haircuts okay or ear hair trims will be the other one because a lot of those tend to go inside the ear canal and if you’ve got particularly sticky ear wax obviously they’ll stick into that ear wax there as well strain will wiggle it and there we go you can Jessie let’s see what I mean by getting a little bit of extra movement there you know it’s going to come away then really nicely now it’s moved position now so that the piece I did have a good grip on moved so we are failing the other section to get the grip on there we go let’s take a look behind that there we are eardrum the light reflexes a little bit dull quite common in the winter months because there are more kind of sinus issues during the rounds at the moment you can see quite hard thick lumps there you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’d not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos they’re also updated now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care


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