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Jane is coming in because she has an earache.
We are just going to check her neck. A lot of times if the neck is restricted in motion,
it can affect the nervous system as well as help with overall function of, not just the
neck, but even her head and some of those other sensory organs. We are going to check
it out and see what we can do to help her. You definitely are locked up on this right
side. Let’s check the left side. It is not as bad. So what I am going to do here is,
Jane, is, you have seven bones in your neck that sit on top of each other. There is a
little cushion in between them and they are not moving as well as they should. What I
am going to do is a little bit of adjustment, where you might hear some popping, like popcorn.
It is basically just to help with that neck so it is moving better and it is going to
help your body feel a lot better too. Okay? Alright? So, does that sound alright with
you? Okay. So, just relax for me. With ear infections, it can be a number of reasons,
of course the bacterial stuff, but when we have the body and it is working the way it
is supposed to, then the body is designed to heal itself. Other things I would suggest
are avoiding dairy, for at least a week, and definitely limit the sugar and and avoid the
sugar for at least a week as well. That can really help the body heal itself and get rid
of some of the infection. Of course if it persists, then sometimes the antibiotic is
the way to go, but if you can go with the safer route, without having to expose a child to
too much antibiotics, this is a great way to approach it and a good thing to try first.
It has been fun helping Jane out and we will see how she does in a couple of days. “How do you feel?”
“Good.” “How did you like getting your first adjustment?”
“Good.” “How do you like Dr. Knight?”
“Good.” “Is he the best chiropractor you have ever
seen?” “Yes.”
“How is your headache?” “Good.”
“Good.” “How is your earache?”
“Better.” For sure give us a call at True North Chiropractic
and Wellness Center. Our phone number is 801-447-1647. We would love to help out all family members
and look forward to helping you out too.

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