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How to clean your ears. When earwax accumulates, the hole of the ear
is blocked and hearing becomes bad. I will show you some simple ways to prevent it. There are several causes for clogging my ears.
For example, it may be caused by the accumulation of earwax and the entry of water into the
ear by swimming in the pool. In this video, we will introduce how to clean ears. Of course
not only to clean it but also to remove discomfort, to improve difficulty in hearing, and to prevent
infections. Causes of clogging of ears. One cause of clogging of ears is symptoms
that improve when sinusitis and colds develop, and it is conceivable that the organ in the
upper respiratory system causes infection. The part connecting the inner ear and the
nasal cavity becomes filled with mucus and clogs the ear. The second possible reason is the accumulation
of earwax. If it is blocked with thick earwax, you need to remove it in the correct way using
tools. As mentioned earlier, contact with water can also cause clogging of the ear.
People who swim can easily cause this problem. If you do not use earplugs, water tends to
accumulate in the ear canal. This is why there are many people who clogs the ears in the
summer. Water enters the ears when entering the pool, the sea or the river. Also, when you go to a high place you may
feel different from usual. At high altitudes, the change in barometric pressure causes the
ears to become clogged. People often traveling by airplane are often bothered by this symptom
especially at takeoff. How to clean your ears. Here are some ways to get rid of accumulated
earwax before it is completely clogged. Firstly, mix alcohol and vinegar at a ratio
of 1: 1. Put the mixture in an eyedropping syringe, tilt your head, drop a few drops
into your ears. Leave the ear as it is for 5 minutes. It will return to the vertical
state with a small cotton on the ear. There are other ways as well. Mix a few drops
of warm water into olive oil or baby oil. Likewise, hanging in the ear, wait 5 minutes
while listening. And when returning to the vertical, with the excess liquid, the scum
which is in the ear comes out. Let warm water softens earwax and it will wash away. Let’s
wipe your ears gently with a towel. Sometimes I want to use a cotton swab, but let’s stop
that. The cotton swab solidifies the earwax and makes it easy to clog. Let’s ease the symptoms by chewing gum or
licking candy if the ears become clogged by changes in pressure during flight. Also, if
you drink saliva, the feeling of oppression will weaken. Besides that, it is also a good
way to open your mouth carefully and induce yawning . Sucking in air is effective. For
similar reasons, it may be better to pinch your nose to close the streets of the nostrils
while closing your mouth. However, let’s stop forcibly because it will hurt the eardrum. When the ear is clogged by a cold or sinusitis,
steamed bath is very effective. Steam improves not only the ear but also the nose street.
If you drop a few drops of lavender oil or eucalyptus oil, it will be more effective.
Cut the nose several times with the tissue, a runny nose came out and overall clogging
has been alleviated. A few drops of oxidol can be dropped into
the ear. The method is as described earlier. After that, I recommend you relax for a while
and lie down and lie down. Ear clogging can also be caused by spending
in a dry environment. In that case, let’s use a humidifier with cool wind in the room.
The humidifier reduces accumulated mucus and makes the ears and nasal passages refresher. Another one, I introduce traditional folk
remedies which are transmitted from long ago. First, put hot water in the bottle and cover
the entrance. This bottle is fine in general. Some people use electric pillows in modern
times. I will lie down listening to the bottle with hot water. After a few minutes you will
find that earwax comes down. Last but not least , if this folk remedy does
not work, or the symptoms that the ear drops continue continue, let the doctor consult.
Also, please do not overdo it if the symptoms are serious.

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