easy Minecraft 9.1 and 8.1 LIGHTING BOLT TRAP / trick

Today you are going to learn to cool things: how to make an awesome lightning trap and how to make a
really cool Villager trick Okay. first will learned the villager trick
while doing the Lightning track okay then make a little hole and you put a command blocking in, then you get a command by typing that command: /give @p command_block I’ll put that in the description below. So when you get that (this is the 9.1) you type /summon LightningBolt then when you are done with that. then you get some sand. then you put that over. and now I’m going to show you the villager trick They turn into witches when they are shocked by lightning cool huh?…well thats not enough you need more then just that to kill something thats just going to hurt them a bit you need like alot more so what you wanna do is put it on repeat and then see how that villager acts…that villager is a goner. Then once they are off it goes back to normal simple as that and you can use creepers they do something cool too they turn into charged creepers pretty wicked huh? well thats cyber dragon for you

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