Electrolysis Hair Removal : Electrolysis Under the Nose Hair Removal

I’ve worked on her lip and now I’ve come to
the point that I need to get under her nostrils. Now that is one of the most tender areas on
the body. You have a central core of nerves that runs down the body. That center middle.
Now this is an area that’s a concentration of nerve endings and is sensitive. But here
under the nostrils can be the most sensitive. Many times when I’m working under the nostrils,
I will be kind of giving a little pressure over to the side so to counterbalance that
pain if she has it. I try to, pain control is big part of this business, and you really
need to be a concern of yours. You can see it in client’s eyes when they’re, if they’re
uncomfortable. You can see it in a client’s eyes when they’re, if they’re uncomfortable.
You know they’re going to squench. And then you ask them if they’re, if they are uncomfortable,
you adjust the settings. You can make the setting longer and lower. There’s all kinds
of ways to make this doable for the client. So I’m going to get that client at the angle
that I need her to be. Now I’d be in a chair at home where I’d be down, and so. And then
I bring that skin down a little so I can slide in perfectly. Because the, like I said, perfect
target is going to be successful. But without, if you’re not hitting that and that hair is
not sliding out without any problems with the skin, you are not doing the work right.

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