Elizabeth’s story living with keratoconus | Fight for Sight

I first got my diagnosis for my eye condition in about 1995 I went to the optician’s reluctantly with my mum when I was at school when I was about 15 cause I was suffering from really bad headaches, struggling to see what was on the board and at the optician’s they could tell there was a huge deterioration in my sight that perhaps something else was not quite right So they referred me to a hospital and that’s when I got the diagnosis of keratoconus I was shocked with my diagnosis cause I didn’t really know what it was, I knew that I’d have to go to the hospital very regularly, every three months to start with which took, you know, a lot of time out, you know, of studies and stuff cause I was doing my A levels by this point and also it was very early stages of diagnosis so I just wasn’t quite sure what was gonna happen you know, with how long would I be able to wear the lenses for would I be able to drive, and things like that My vision is ok at the moment but specifically my left eye the deterioration is much greater and I have already been offered a cornea transplant for my left eye Which at the moment I’m putting on hold, because obviously the cornea might not take and obviously, to have a transplant I’d have to be off work, wouldn’t be able to drive, and my children are still at infant school, so I don’t want to be in a position where I’m not there to help on the school run and everything else but equally, if the deterioration continues I understand that I will need to possibly take up the cornea transplant Originally I found about about Fight for Sight through a mutual friend of mine, Claire Henley, so I decided to run the London Marathon and raise money for Fight for Sight Well I think eye research is so important to me because I have two small children myself, and if it is a genetic disease it could be likely that one of my daughters may develop keratoconus So I think the research is crucial to find new, less invasive treatments that can help save people’s sight


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