Ellen Gives Average Andy an Anatomy Test

June also happens to be
National Men’s Health Month. Men’s Health is important. We need them around to
explain stuff to us. So– [LAUGHTER] That’s right. The goal of Men’s Health
Month is to bring awareness to men’s health problems. Basically, it encourages men to
look after their family jewels. Their bits and bobs. Their twigs and berries. [LAUGHTER] So I want to help,
and I thought we could learn some different parts
of the man’s body together. Andy, come on up here. [CHEERING] Hello, Andy. Hello, Ellen. How are you? Good. Let’s bring up the diagram, and
then you are going to help me. Being a man and all,
you’re going to tell me what these things are called. We’re going to
start with number 1. Let’s see what number 1 is. Uh– like, the rectal area. [LAUGHTER] Or the buttocks. I’m going to say it’s a hip. We’re not turned around. OK, yeah. We’re not looking
at the buttocks. OK. All right? All right, let’s
see the next one. OK, what is that? [LAUGHTER] What would you call that? Lower abdomen. [LAUGHTER] You do exercises in that
area for your lower abdomen? I don’t– It’s not quite the penile area. But it’s larger over there. You don’t understand– Oh, there you go. Um– You don’t know what that is? Upper penis? [LAUGHTER] I think lower abdomen. I’m sorry, but I don’t– and I’m no expert, but I don’t
think there’s an “upper penis.” [LAUGHTER] Well, I went with– my first guest was
“lower abdomen.” No, it’s a pelvic– it’s the pelvic area. How do you know? Because I know. Oh. All right, let’s
see the next one. Go. I’m curious, what are you
going to call that one? [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] I can’t tell if it’s
the front or back. If it’s the front– oh, it’s the front. Um– the penis? If it was the back,
what would you call it? A testicle. The back of a penis
is not a testicle. How do I know more
about this than you? I can’t tell– [LAUGHS] it’s
hard to tell from this diagram if– it’s a penis! You’re embarrassing tWitch. [LAUGHTER] It’s a penis. It’s a penis. No, it’s the urethra. That’s exactly what that is. Well, that’s technical. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s
see the next one. I think that’s enough. That’s the– teste. Yes. Is it? It’s the testes. Testes. [LAUGHS] Yes! No, it’s a prostate gland. No, it’s not. [LAUGHS] It’s a teste. [LAUGHTER] I think. Really? Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yep. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] There’s the prostate. I thought that–
yeah, because they’re too high for the testes. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s see the next one. I bet that’s going to be– Yes. Yes. There– There they are. That’s a testicle. There they are. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. [CLAPPING] OK, good. What have we learned? [APPLAUSE] What have we learned? Yeah. What have we learned? We’ve learned that as men,
we need to keep it healthy. Yeah. It is good– Get it checked out. Yes, get it– have you had
your prostate checked out? Yeah, I have. Every man when they turn
50 should have it checked. So you did? Yes. Good for you. Yeah. Good. That’s very important. We nee– Yeah. It’s not comfortable,
but it’s necessary. Exactly, exactly. Everything’s uncomfortable
to you, though. [CHUCKLES] That is true. All right, all right. Good? Also, the reason I knew
is I have this here. So it actually helped me. Oh, congratulations. Thank you. Am I done? Um– OK. Thank you. Yep. [APPLAUSE] Now you can go back to
just checking your Twitter and stuff, or whatever
you do over there. [LAUGHTER] Right on.


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