Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (1/5)

This place is… looks like a rocky mountain….? This mountain has lots of special ores buried underneath it. How are they special exactly? Yes, I see. Energy stored in these ores are very special. Yes, I can sense it faintly. This is…. It the same energy as the ‘true Dark El’ that Hennon had. Although the energy here is so faint that you have to focus really hard to sense it. To put it simply, this place is like Bethma’s Richie Mines. Magic stones in Richie mines also had a special property of storing El energy. Wow~ they look so beautiful and mysterious! It reminds me of the time when I visited the capital when I was young, I had fun looking at all the mysterious gems there. Oooh, I see. Come to think of it, we don’t know much about the Northern Empire. If we get a chance, I’d like you show you all around my hometown. Just like the Dark Elf’s forest, it looks like a lot of areas in the Demon Realm are similar to Elrios. Didn’t Denif say the Demon Realm was created as a feedback to creation of Elrios? Maybe that’s why? I don’t think being created as a feedback means it has to be created in a similar manner…. I-I see…. Could these ores be the clue to the Dark El? Of course. Although very small, they do hold the power of the true Dark El. Using these, we can try many things…. like creating a device that tracks the Dark El’s location and such. ….How come? This energy is…. What is it Eve? I think I found something strange…. But the Dark El energy here is too small for me to confirm it. Can we go find an ore with higher purity? There should be more if we go inside! (That spirit…. it’s suspicious after all….) Everyone! Look over there!! Those are….! Demon Soldiers! Could it be that they are already here to attack the Dark Elf village?! Those look like….. mining equipment. It looks like they are after the ores here. That’s a good thing… I suppose… We haven’t fully recovered yet. It’s probably best to avoid combat much as possible. They are coming this way….! They are going to find us at this rate! Then we’ll go back towards the way we came…! ….It’s already too late. Hey, who are you people?! Tch, they found us already. No helping it now. We’ll have to fight!! Hmph, they were easier than I thought. Yes, they felt rather weak, as to be expected from the soldiers that were sent to mine. But don’t get too overconfident. We don’t know when a stronger enemy…. ….might pop out of nowhere… I-I won’t forgive you if you keep g-getting in the way of my mission! It looks like he’s the leader of these soldiers. That scrawny guy? I can tell how weak he is already. W-What did you say? I’m Nero! Master Ran’s trustworthy right-hand man. You shouldn’t u-underestimate me!!! Ran? Did you just say Ran?! O-Oops…. Not only does he look weak, he’s also stupid. I’m going to capture you all and offer you to Master Ran! J-Just you wait!


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