Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (2/5)

*Sniffle*…. Now what should we do with him? Isn’t it obvious? We’re going to make him spit out everything he knows. Eeek! ….If someone else saw this, I’m sure they’d think we’re the bad guys here. Answer our questions truthfully then we’ll let you off. What? Are you going to try resisting? Ah, L-Look over there! A giant bat!!! What did you say? Where?! I don’t see anything…. Ahh! Nero is gone! I can’t believe we made that mistake. We must be really tired. Ha… haha…. Y-You fools!! W-Woah the ground is!! Master of this place will wake up with this…!! Goodbye you villains….! I-I’ll make you regret this the next time we meet!!! Stop right there!! W-What is this strange monster?! Bothersome events keeps coming one after another. Ugh, we won’t be able to catch up to Nero. Defeating this thing comes first! It’s finally quiet. Phew…. I wonder why this monster became the master of this place? I think it was attracted to this place’s strong energy and decided to make its home here. This is perfect condition for it to hunt others that come here for the same reason. Good work everyone! Huh? Die-!! There was still a soldier left?! No! Mr.Spirit!!! Kugh… agh….. What just happened? Is the spirit okay?! …You shouldn’t be waving such a dangerous weapon against a tiny spirit like me. *Sigh* This really ruined my fun. Ugh…. aaaagh…!! That Ran…. laying his hands on the ores here…. I wonder what he is up to…. This…. is not a spirit. Hello. Long time no see. You!! I knew it!! My senses were correct…!! Lord Eun? What do you mean…? Ahahaha. I had a blast~ Watching you guys get all flustered trying to save that Rosso guy and trying so hard to protect me. Every scene was perfect! ….Identify yourself. My name is Stirbargen. Oh that’s right! For you…. would the name Tyr be more familiar?


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