Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (3/5)

Sir Tyr….?! Ara, do you know him? The name of a boy I met before I met all of you was Tyr….. But how come Sir Tyr is here..? [Stirbargen] Hahaha, you must have already noticed, but Nephilim Lord telling me to guide you guys here was a lie~ [Stirbargen] I was just curious about how far you guys can figure out by looking at the ores here… [Ciel] …So you were testing us. [Stirbargen] Oh, you have something interesting tagging along with you, Luciela. [Ciel] ….! [Lu] ….Weakling like you with only a big mouth to show for yourself shouldn’t be ignoring my contractor. [Lu] And I’d appreciate it if you stopped acting friendly towards me after all this time. It’s revolting! Ahahaha, could it be that you’re still upset about losing to me long time ago? You only won because you used all sorts of cheap tricks. And do you honestly think I was giving my all in that sort of child’s play? Of course… I’m not confident that I can beat you in terms of strength. But using your brain is also a valid way to fight. Lu, do you know him? ….This kid is Red-Demon King Stirbargen. He’s one of the four Demon Lords like me. W-What?! So Demon Lords are all kids? Hey, didn’t I tell you that I turned like this because I lost my power?!! I also lost my power while breaking out of the seal. But that’s not why I look like this. I can change my appearance at will. It’s a very convenient ability. Isn’t that right? Ara, let me borrow your body for a moment. L-Lord Eun? Alright! Hooh? Wasn’t it your idea to play hide and seek? Why did you appear before me first? What are you up to? Woa, woa. drop that spear. I don’t intend to fight. Aren’t you all tired? S-Since when did he get behind us…?! This was beyond my control. It was trying to kill me and I couldn’t do anything in a spirit’s form. So why don’t we call it a tie? Hide and seek? Tie…? Just what happened? So you really didn’t tell anyone. I made a hide and seek bet with the fox possessing that girl. Aren’t you two looking pretty close now? Last time, two of you almost died while arguing with each other. You were bothering me all this time. This is a good opportunity, I’ll eliminate you here. (L-Lord Eun calm down! I don’t know what happened, but we should observe the situation for now.) Ahahaha! Watching people shiver in rage after finding out my identity is the best…. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to die right now. So let’s make a trade. We even have a good excuse of the bet ending in a tie! You expect us to trust you? That’s not even funny. Hmm… It seems you guys aren’t fools. I’m glad. Whether the world ends, or who wins the war, I’m fine long as I can enjoy myself. It’s not like I’m interested in position of the Demon Lord anymore. Let me go. Then I’ll give you guys some valuable information that you can’t obtain yourselves. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Is that…. really all you want? I’ve taken quite a liking to you guys. It feels like you’ll continue to entertain me a lot. That’s why I’m giving you lots of freebies. If I die here, I can’t enjoy all that in the future. My life is most important for me right now in this situation. ….Fine, we’ll accept your condition. But, how do we know that this information is good enough to bargain with your life? Hooh…. you’re quite sharp. Aren’t you curious how I could come back to this place…. even though I’m weaker than Luciela? Ahaha, you noticed? I know it, the exact coordinate of this world that you call the Demon Realm. Uuugh, he’s so annoying…. I want to hit him so badly….! You sly little…. I want to sew his mouth up…. (L-Lord Eun…!!) Haha, hearing such menacing words coming from Ms.Fox is awkward. Alright, this story will be long so let’s all relax. Ah! Since when did he take our weapons? What should I start with….? Oh yes, let’s talk about the Dark El. Dark El…. It’s been treated as a legend for a long time and only bunch of rumours about it exists. Because of the absurd stories about it like how it will grant you ultimate power or how it will grant you immortality, there is a clear division in the Demon Realm between those who believe that the Dark El exists and those who don’t. As for what Barkat, the current leader of the Demon Legion thinks about this matter…. Hmm, that guy’s opinion probably doesn’t matter. Then do you know where the Dark El is? Unfortunately, I don’t know either. So in that regards, you guys allying with the spirits was a rather good strategy. Although it will be difficult to get what you want from them. Are you saying the spirits will try to trick us? Ahahaha, no! I didn’t mean it like that. Spirits here have a different way of sensing things than us. So they cannot accurately pin-point the location of the Dark El. So that means, not even Nephilim Lord has the information regarding the Dark El’s location? Bingo! They can only vaguely sense the Dark El’s energy, they cannot provide you with a satisfactory location. Even if they had some information to give, it was probably something like where they sensed stronger Dark El energy. …How can we trust what you’re saying? If you’re so suspicious, then you can ask Nephilim Lord on your way back. This mountain is probably one of the locations it will suggest. Well… aren’t you really confident in yourself? Oh yes! The eye of that red guy you saved, that was actually mine. In a long past that I can barely remember, I had to give him one of my eyes because I lost a bet. But I didn’t think he’d be in such a place. I was really surprised too. …I heard that the master of the eye was close by, but I didn’t think he’d be right beside us… Because of that, I could watch you guys fight inside the tower. It was such a spectacle~ Stop staring at me with that disgusted gaze, I really only watched. Anyways, this eye really doesn’t have a single drop of power left. He should have used it more moderately before giving it back. Hmm… I wonder how it feels for a normal human from Elrios to get fused with a power of a demon….? Even I wouldn’t want to experience becoming a lonely creature that doesn’t belong to any sides… How dare you….! Lu. ….Someone like you would never understand the value of living your life for someone you really cherish. I don’t intend to make you understand. Just like I have my ways of living, you must have yours. But…. My existence and worth connects directly to Lu. I’ll take any further insult towards me as an insult to Lu, Red-Demon King. It looks like you’ll try to hit me. Don’t think about it too seriously. It was just out of pure curiosity. You really think I cannot harm you? You must be misunderstanding something, most important thing to me is Lu’s well-being. If anything gets in Lu’s way, even if that’s my comrade, it will be a target for elimination for me. ….Ciel. …Heh, I see. Then shall we make a bet? I like making bets quite a lot.


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