Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (4/5)

You might think I’m selfish, but what I really meant what I said before. But I don’t think any of you are obstacles… I…! I thought a day might come when I had to talk about this. I was always thinking about how my beliefs might become a hindrance to everyone. ….and Chung did really get injured because of me. ….I’m sorry. Hmph, this is why having friends is not a good idea. We’re all using each other yet mistake it for something special. Add…! Hear me out till the end. …I’m saying you shouldn’t be feeling guilty. It will be bothersome for us if you did something reckless because you’re feeling guilty. ….I think having something that you are willing to risk your life to protect is a wonderful thing. My father also…. turned against entire Hamel so he could protect me. It’s because of his sacrifice that I’m standing here together with everyone right now. See? Tch, you’re also too soft-minded. Hahahaha….. I felt same as Sir Ciel I was conflicted because everyone here was just as precious to me as my older brother…. I was worried if my beliefs might hurt somebody…. But everyone accepted my belief of wanting to save my brother. That’s when I made up my mind. That I’ll also fight beside others for their beliefs as well. That we’ll advance towards our goals together! I want to help you, Sir Ciel….! Ciel, you’re not the only one who wants to protect Lu. Everyone here including me thinks the same! Everyone joining strengths and protecting each other. That’s what being friends is about. It would be great if you can see us as reliable friends. Because I like travelling with you, Ciel. Elsword…. We can all work as one team because our personal goals are not too different from each other. Of course, I’d appreciate it if no one pushed themselves too hard even if it meant completing your goal. Ugh, Eve…. Haha, It looks like we’ll have to try our best to not become Lu and Ciel’s enemies. Alright! Since everyone’s been through so much, It looks like I’ll have to step up and do the cooking. It’s been a while. Ciel, you’re on forced vacation today. Go over there and chat with everyone~ I-I should at least prepare the ingredients…. Hmm, for a simple meal after a battle, you can’t leave out beef jerky. W-Where did you get that?! I kept some as provisions in Sander. That’s such long time ago!! (Didn’t I tell you Ciel? Your existence isn’t something like a blade.) (and that’s why such wonderful companions gather around you.) Time to eat! Hmm~ So delicious~ I can feel all the fatigue fading away!! ….So you were an average ‘human’ after all. Yes, I’m a human. and I’m also a demon. I don’t want to deny the fact that half of my body is a demon. Not just Lu, everyone here accepts me as who I am. I won’t do anything to deny that trust. This made me see you in a new light, ‘Mr.Half-demon’. Haha. I assume I can take that as a compliment? ….I’ve never had anyone to call a friend until now… I think that’s why I’ve built a wall around myself without realizing it. It was to the point of you calling me distrustful. But they are strong. They won’t sway because someone insignificant like me joins them. So this is friendship. I don’t think I’ll have any regrets about my decision now. Everyone believes in me. ….Thank you for your advice, Ain. Come to think of it, we’re all in pretty bad shape. We had to fight ridiculous enemies with almost no rest…. Wouldn’t it be best to return to Elrianode for now? ….Yes. That would be best. We should report our situation and resupply. Dark elves, rampant spirits, Master of Fire and Red-Demon King who was one of the four Demon Lords… It was like being on a grand tour of unbelievable events…. Red-Demon King Stirbargen… I don’t like how he looks down at us and smiles mischievously! We shouldn’t have made another bet with the likes of him… Lu, you’re the one who got riled up and accepted. Eeeeeh! I-….. ugh… I’m sorry…. Hahaha, It’s okay. I would have done the same. Let’s win and show him what we’re made up! Speaking of bets, I think we still have one more story to hear. ….Lord Eun. I think you have a good reason for not telling me about the bet. Just like I told you before, I trust you Lord Eun. So please trust me. Please tell everyone about the bet. ….Alright. Hmm… maybe I should call you ‘Real Ms.Fox’, …..Before Ara and I grouped up with you all, we met the Red-Demon King who called himself ‘Tyr’ at the time. He used Ara to complete his goal then provoked me saying he knew a demon who boasted about sealing a sacred fox beast. Then he suggested we play a game of hide and seek and bet Ran and Ran’s location. If we lost… If you lost….? …He asked Ara to kill her brother with her own hands. (That’s… what happened….) On top of that, there was a condition that Ara couldn’t find out about this. That’s why…. I couldn’t say anything until now. I thought it would all work out at the time. But I ended up doing something terrible to you. ….I’m sorry, Ara. (….Lord Eun…..) And that bet ended in a tie because we met the Red-Demon King today? Yes… But on the other hand, it could have been a good thing. Ugh…. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing the Red-Demon King. Hmm? Elsword, do you have something you want to say? Yeah, I was worried about it all this time…. But I think I have to talk about it before we go back. Actually….


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