Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (5/5)

To summarize, after we defeated that whale like monster in Henir space, you saw a vision of us getting wiped out? ….Yeah. I didn’t say it earlier because it might make everyone uneasy. ….Sorry. So that’s why in the Dark Elf’s forest…. ….Big sis? Ouch! Sis, that hurts! S-Stop! Hahaha, my little brother is all grown up~ ….Thank you for telling us. I-I get it, so stop already! Haha…. Hahaha….. (*Nod) Why is everyone starting at me like that? I’m not a kid anymore….! ….Let’s get back to the topic. Hmm… ominous details of that vision does worry me. Although we did get out of there safely…. Maybe it’s a forewarning that something terrible might happen later? Could it be that I saw that vision because I was uneasy….? Elsword has a close connection with the El. El has the ability to show you the past, maybe it’s not too far-fetched to think it can show you what’s possible in the future. ….Yes, that might be true. The El’s abilities seem almost endless. We have to pass through that place when we return to Elrianode, so we better prepare for the worst. When we get back, why don’t we dicuss this together with the Masters and Priestesses? Master Denif might know something! And we must also tell them about the information the Red-Demon King gave us. Information…. Umm… that’s…. coordinate of the Demon Realm, fact that the Red-Eye belonged to Red-Demon King….and…. Political system in the Demon Realm hasn’t been normal for a long time. ….That’s what he told us. Certainly, Barkat who rules the Demon Realm right now isn’t someone fit to be a king. But…. I don’t think that’s all he meant. Why did he say that…..? That Red-Demon King, he tested us then only left us with riddle-like words. Hmph, don’t overestimate him Ciel. He must have used us! Since we know about both El and Dark El, he must have listened to us talk then combined that information with what he knew. Ugh…. so we’re going back to Elrianode…. I’m fine with going back…. But we have to traverse through those harsh mountains and fields again…. *sigh……*


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