Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Treat Dog Ear Infections

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona to tell you today about problems with dogs ears on behalf of
expertvillage.com. This is Maya and this is my helper Amber. First I’m going to talk to
you about a simple ear infection that you might notice that you dog would have some
discharge coming from there ear or a odor. Some people notice a odor but the discharge
will often be blackish or brownish and if you miss with there ears a little bit you
might hear noise which may be moisture inside the ears. There is a number of things that
could be causing it so you don’t want to play doctor at home you do want to take your dog
to the vet. If your dog is having a bit of discomfort at home and the vet is not open
and you need to wait for tomorrow. There are somethings that you could do if you keep a
few things at home. Basic ear wash is sold at any pet store and a ear wash is a liquid
that you could use as a flush. To help flush out some of the debris and potential form
bodies and potential insects are exceed and things like roaches and other insects with
big wings. That i have pulled out of dogs ears deep inside not to mention ear wigs.
Sometimes they do come out of the ears and so if you have a problem that you notice that
your dogs ears you could use a ear flush to pour inside the ear and massage it a little
bit and clean that out. But, always use cotton balls to absorb the remaining fluid that you
put in and it would bring out a little bit of the dirt with it but, it would also help
to lubricate the ear so There is a foreign body she may be able to actually shake her
head and fling it out. Also want to mention that it is a fairly common myth that dogs
adult dogs get ear mites and the is really not true in most cases. The occasional dog
will get ear mites in a filthy environment with lots of cats with ear mites but for the
most part it is just not usually the case. They usually get a yeast infection and it
could be do to many other reasons. So don’t go to the store and buy ear mite medicine
and anything for ear mites go to your veterinarian and get a diagnosis first but, the other thing
that you could do if you suspect of foreign body like out west we have fox tail which
are really nasty and won’t come out very easily you could lubricate the ear with olive oil
and sometimes that would grease it up enough that they can shake it out. So that is a little
home remedy. If you happen to have any kind of a ointment from your veterinarian this
would calm a ear until you could get her to the veterinarian but don’t use to much of
it our else the veterinarian may not be able to see what it is in there when they go in
and try to look at that better. So those are basically things you could do when you notice
something is wrong with your dogs ear.


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