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Hey guys, this is Eckhartsladder Hello and welcome to star wars Empire at war remake now as the name would suggest Empire at war remake focuses on bringing the mod into the 2010s or sorry bringing the game into the 2010s Sometimes we might forget that this game actually came out in 2006 with the corruption DLC later, so this mod rather than focusing on changing gameplay mechanics or Even really adding on to the game in a major way like something like Thrones revenge does instead Focuses on making the game super visually appealing everything from brand-new ship models to turbo lasers that track the enemy It’s all very pretty But in the talking, let’s get straight into a skirmish and that’s what we’ll be doing for today’s video a few different skirmishes if you guys aren’t interested we can do a campaign later but skirmish for now and We’ll start off with a 2v2 and I saw the mod creator put his teammate AI on hard and if he needs to put his teammate a on hard And he plays the model the time. I think it’s probably smart for us too as well. And we will just do it over Ryloth We’re also streaming this live on Twitch right now. So feel free to say hello at which two youtubers launching and people on YouTube if you’d like to see these live Of course you can do so by going to twitch.tv slash electronics ladder. I’ll be a link to that down in the description Intros always sounds scripted they’re not I just try to be a bit more I try to organize my thoughts A bit more I guess I meant to send one of these over here I don’t know if we share it’s been so long since I’ve played skirmish mode usually like a 2v2 I don’t know if we share resources here We’ll see Yes, just capture this one So this is the hot pirate pace we want to get this because it it Gives us a little bit of extra income and it protects us like it has guns But you know is key in star games Okay, it’s really different about this mod from the base game is the way it handles the In-game accounting system and I’m sort of joking but that’s kind of true You don’t actually pay for something when you incur the costs or no. Sorry you do pay for something when you incur the cost so it’s like if I schedule something to build like if I schedule a ship to build like As I buy these tie, sorry these y-wings. I don’t pay 300 credits up front rather I slowly drip down 300 credits as I sort of own or as the construction proceeds Looks a little different than the base game It’s kind of good in some cases because it allows you to do multiple projects at once like you can build an asteroid and queue up lots of construction when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to but if you’re not careful and I found this out the hard way in my first couple of games you can accidentally put yourself in serious crippling debt So that’s not good Thank you very much biz and ex fangirl if you want to start reading some Star Wars books, what would you recommend? I always recommend forever you wanted to start with a Thrawn Trilogy I’ve done a few books. Sorry a few videos on where to start creating Star Wars Even though legends isn’t being continued anymore. I don’t think that matters I still think it’s a really fun continuity to explore So the original Thrawn Trilogy is where I would recommend if you enjoy that then move on to true Sakura or x-wing or something, if you don’t go back maybe try Darth Bane or Plagueis I’d read Bane before Plagueis or there’s something like that Constructing unit Okay, so Why can’t we build this? Options. Oh the a a was building that for us. Okay, cool. I Didn’t know that could happen I assumed that’s what was going on anyway I’d like to jump a small force down to one of these asteroids and just kind of cause some trouble I cancel that Get some ships try to raid this base, but we should take a look at you know I just take a look at some starships here because it is the this is a mod It’s you know focused on increasing the visual acuity Everyone be looks pretty good, but you really see the difference with? With the larger ships Even something like this you can’t quite because the turbo lasers you can’t really see them but with the much larger ships how nice a Little rebel Task Force the AI made to assault that base cool Let’s drop and everyone be oh crap That was stupid. I didn’t realize that Gladiator was so close So we need something to counter that thing or else we’re gonna lose these Bases which we don’t want to Because the AI can cheat really badly I stream this yesterday on OA nice we actually captured this Extreme this yesterday on my main youtube channel a card slaughter and Yeah, the AI cheats really badly Let’s not call that in quite yet until he can support it with something Let’s get some Y wings and bombers. We’re really low on money right now, though My wing squadron report, I know I shouldn’t steal from my AI when they just did all the work and helped clear at that base, but I’m totally going to And that’s okay because I assume my AI gets the same sort of buffs as theirs does I’m reading lost stars right now and it’s really good. Yeah, it is good. Yeah, let’s take a closer look at the model some nice detail on the Obviously the open hangar and stuff open hangars. But again, you’ll see it a lot more when we get the big ships The Big Daddy vessels you guys will manage you guys will see what I’m talking about Done right there could range the These gladiators despite, I mean they look tough. Mmm. They’re not amazing But they’re more than what we have right now, so We’re gonna capture this moon base. Oh the dreadknots actually has a really nice model It’s got like the sort of the blisters which is what they call these mmm Weapon blisters. Um and in Laurie some of these sometimes these would be swapped out with like Communications equipment or whatever else but yeah, that’s a nice model. I wonder what the engines look like the engines keep the kind of classic legend style but uh 600 meters you really start to see the Then the extra modeling detail engine and it looks like the AI upgraded our base for us, which is really nice because We’re out here. Just trying to friggin survive Let’s drop some fighters here see if we can Punk that gladiator off Bombers reporting in Tyrella did maybe Target priority is the laser cannons so you can capture this Once we get the money anyway Yeah right now, we’re not getting any money because we’re building ships Also, oh my goodness they’ve got a lot of fighters over here Holy crap, that’s not good It’s not good at all It’s really just because one AI that’s overwhelming us to which just fighters everywhere Thankfully obviously our fighters are better because we’re the Alliance and Alliance fighters are always better, but still not good But we’re starting at the income going so hopefully we can punch back at something Large we’ve got MC 80 class We’ve got a kind of like the idea of getting a Venator now because we’ll have the fighters. I See some talking about lost stars. Yeah that has been a sort of fan favor of the new EU I briefly mentioned lost stars in today’s video if you haven’t watched a which is on how the death star could dock Star destroyers and hidden cannon not in legends Wiest I don’t think there’s any evidence of that and Rajan’s not that I was aware of anyway You should probably go home and all these fighters coming man, that’s crazy The only good thing right now is that we’ve got a higher level star breeze Yes, the dread-nots has been canonized in rebels it hasn’t been called a dreadnought I think they call it the Aged colic or an Imperial command cruiser or something, but it also appeared in one of the drawn comics You know now think about it, I’m actually pretty happy with how much they’ve recanted eyes so far Actually Since we get this Once we get this Venator diamond, we’ll get a bunch of money and we can use that to upgrade Crap and use that to upgrade our asteroids and get more great Thing about this mod They do have to increase the zoom distance. I think that’s kind of I think they know this Yeah, you can’t zoom in nearly nation This will jump is this ours. Yes I can’t command it though. So we’ll jump down that Venator I don’t know what that sound is building started It’s probably a I using his special abilities and whatnot Few more little Corvettes just to help protect us These are all ours Hmm I don’t really know where I wanted let’s maybe let’s show up at here This is the biggest ship on the battle now and I’ll show you what I mean with the turrets each one of these turbo lasers Will actually move and fire at an enemy, which is really cool. I think they do something similar and awakening of the rebellion I don’t think throngs revenge does that I think Corey said he just didn’t think it was worth the Extra, you know computing power or whatever which I think is fair Any wings Can’t make the quasar Say I’m just gonna leave that Venator sitting right now Let’s drop that DP 20 here to help out That thing will tear apart Tie Fighters, it’s like a tie killer Chasing them away. Alright, let’s drop this frigate down provide some fighter support And what’s going on over here Nothing good That’s fine. Let’s push on So they’ve got two gladiators I would like maybe one more capital ship to help me out absolute mess in the center of the map that Rai is throwing himself into Hmm so we get this MC ad out quickly, okay, let’s keep closer formation if we can It’s really annoying that can hear everything the AI is doing like that Let’s go ahead and upgrade Do it back here safer but we’re just basically continuing to push forward our Income with those little upgrades So this is gonna be actually a decent battle here do they have any star fighters no, that’ll be their weak point I mean right now we don’t have any guns. Oh Yeah, go for the shield generators And chill you Just make a couple of uh even bee wings Like they’re interested at all unengaging us, so that’s fine So our venatori ranges that missile defense thing, you know, we can see the Turbo laser is actually turning and firing at their enemy, which is really cool Watch how quickly two viewings takes care of the any hard point on this thing Pretty cool the rocks remind me of a Star Wars Battlefront, too Beautiful well we pissed them off I’d say So you build the Radice like the big capital ship from Row 1 think we’ll do that And Leaving it. Uh, no, that’s our friendly down there. I thought we were being attacked. We’re good Yeah, we totally just scared them away there. We can move in and claim these asteroids It’s actually quite a battle raging on over here that assault frigate just like doing a drive-by There’s a full full sized ISD right there Another one there’s Piett Fool and all Looks like the AI is right now in the process of upgrading that’s good Joining to capture that maybe we’ll just throw our Montell Cruiser into the fight here Where we can help take some of the credit See I don’t think you actually see the profundity you launched any missiles in Rogue one. I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t think so So basically, I’m calling bullshit on this entire mod do not download it If we bring our fleet into this battle they’re done Sucks I was hoping to see a little bit more My friendly AI has been very helpful It was battle though, it’s pretty epic and scope a lot of Fighters, which I like a little alien just flying around Something I’m not a huge fan of is the fact that the ships have so few hard trunks. It’s like the opposite. Oh, man We’re gonna tear these fighters apart Or not that’s fine I Was just I’m just trying to scare them Nova Nova Cruiser they’re Basically a haven ship It’s gonna be crazy with like a four-way battle which I think is possible anything go up to eight I Don’t know if like only one hero can be built per faction or per team Like I built the Rattus. I don’t know if that now means or sorry therefore funded II I don’t know if that now means he can’t There is a fireplace We end up going with the remake mod Si that is a beautiful venit remaining All Venna tours in any Star Wars mod, they’re always the open circle fleet. Let’s watch the attack Okay, that is pretty cool I Wish they would do the road one fly through the Like in and out of the struts there, that would be really cool That’s not good Stand and fight Nice our space stations can upgrade we can build the pride of the Corps home one, I don’t think we’ll be able to build part of the core just because I can try They actually took quite a bit of health left on there their base, so it’s possible This is like supposed to be some Karelian destroyer It makes sense to me, you know, we don’t actually see that many Corellian ships despite. How like famous of a ship you are they’re supposed to be but generally you make it look sort of like a Sort of like a CR 90 you’re probably at least partially on the way Certain legacy of the force they’re described as being some of their ships are described as being egg-shaped for some reason The name of the discord what discord you mean the just search like Quiet war remake discord and you’ll find it. I’ve got something We aren’t getting it done although it’ll slow down now that we’ve ran out of cash these are ours right there I can’t wait to drop the dread-nots down 54% That thing just fired its special weapon. Yes a the profundities kind of just sitting here dish no damage I don’t know if it’s because of the range it’s at where it’s meant to survive so far or what but Probably not too much longer Something just went down what do I have left? I still have my I don’t know where he is Gotta say I am very very impressed with how stable and how well this mod is running The mud used to have problems with stuttering Even with crashing and we’ve got a lot of ships on the battle right now and this is handling them very well Just show me where you are there’s that That’s mine. Okay, so these two let’s let’s group my ships up as a little wedge Wedge made myself sad for the lack of wedge in the sequel trilogy Is so cool, even the little guns on the side here in the brim are firing Beautiful beautiful beautiful So now just those engines failing or is that just Okay, it’s just a funny effect. I was like, oh my god by the end It’s actually like flickering out and dying because that’d be really cool. But I think that’s actually still mistake Here dry nuts at 74% it’s gonna be a big help when it arrives This is the this is the remake mod So there are actually more ships here that we just can’t see so after we call them the dread-nots i’ll built some heroes Because the heroes could I just move over and let you see more ships, so this is a Rebel Star Destroyer. It’s supposed to be the parent venture probably which is a privately owned capital ship owned by booster Taric father-in-law of foreign horn And yeah, it’s painted red and there’s like a casino and stuff on it Eighty-six percent. All right Almost never actually gonna take down they just called a new Star Destroyer and so our Venator still alive it glues Here he’ll be taking that shield is you’ve got missiles so The yeah the the inventors a weird one because that sometimes like it’s got no weapons because just because it’s internal parts have been cannibalized for Like at one point if we go a book it is there’s like yeah they have like two turbo lasers look working or like for turbo lasers working because they had to Destroy most of them to get a few just to get parts for a few Because like Star Destroyers are incredibly maintenance intensive Not only do you need a lot of parts, but you need like teams of engineers 97% on our dreadknot. I don’t know where I want to call it in Maybe like right here right down, right? down the middle Find a hypervelocity can that’s something I’d love to see that Alright the dreadnought is ready God you know, you know a bad a ship is coming when the game is just like freezing. Let’s do it over here There we go, let’s take a look so I’ve heard a few people say that it’s just the this is a bellator model when it’s it’s not It looks very similar to a Bellator model but the back is different I think unless it’s their take but it looks different than the Bellator to me. Hello Maybe it is the back door doesn’t have a back like that But it would make sense for it to be very very similar to the Bellator The mandator sort of an offshoot or the Bellator is an offshoot of the mandator line but but yeah the New Republic borrows the Passes the errant venture off as a normal star destroyer and they have to fix it the attack on Yaga minor and wherever bye Okay, look at these. Look at this just this firepower so cool that every battery Launching missiles and stuff Gonna tear this poor Star Destroyer apart What’s calling Thing is absolute beast Look at this thing – Titan class. I think ours is supposed to be more powerful ours is like a Lot more expensive anyway We’re trying to see a bit a slowdown now I think but still Oh man, look at it just putting in fire on that. It’s so cool Wish I could zoom in I’m slowly zooming in Very slowly very Slowly Yeah, the whole yaga minor raid was a bit odd Very slowly able to zoom it zoom in on this Yeah, you can tell by like how often the lasers are being fired now that there is a bit of slowdown it’s not so bad Let’s build a secretory that’s like 25 that will have a kappa sound nicely at 100 Oh man, look at this look at these two These two monsters just biting at each other. Okay, that is cool. Look at it. Come through the smoke like that Know what I gotta say. I don’t like some of his custom models, but that ship is cool Which petition is that What I move on to the base Betancourt rogue squadrons in the battle now All right, let’s put all fire on this thing we take up these does it have any You imagine fighting this close together Yeah, I like the little uh, look at the detail on this crazy It’s got like a Almost like a little mini resurgent style mouth there. That’s so cool Jedi warrior thank you very much for the twitch prime sub much appreciated I kind of want to fire the gun no – Oh What is that it was the ad class That looks a little different oh no, it’s just a Liberty. Okay. It looked a little different from from the angle I was looking at Do the Mon Calamari, I’m not commanding this shit. What is this now? Like I don’t know where these supposed to be gravity world generators See a typical player. Thanks for tuning in much appreciated Also, do we get the angry ex out for her Jedi warrior Yeah, the mandator massively I’ve done this thing We’re like slowly pushing through towards there towards their base Everyone head towards it And we’ve got this they don’t much once this Titan class goes down. They’re done. Yeah, I do like this does kind of remind me of a Kind of like it would be like a midway between a Bellator and an allegiance class I was putting fire into this thing Awaiting orders So our fleet we’ve now send them all heading every ship we have is heading towards their base That’s not ours. This is You’ll won’t have many ships left because the holy crap look at all these starfighters. No wonder the game is lagging. Holy crap They just called in a sec. You tore. Just like I’m about to Attempted to try to capture this Starbase here because like the Starbase is like Final boss level upgrades like one is like you call in ten vana tours or something The sec you tore down over here this thing was just gonna start unloading fighters like the paint job We were able and stuff it’s really good kind of reminds me of like a miniature almost Let’s caption this Okay, so here we go I saw core four four three and then the executor class Let’s see if we can build the executor So she’s almost done Scott one, I think hardpoint left. I Mean as I said, this thing is just unloading fighters now And that is it good broker straight in half Yeah say I am kind of shocked that the mod is running this well with this many ships we’ve got two whole fleets here causing trouble for each faction Including a dreadnought one dren not being destroyed 3% of the way to the executor. Let’s just go ahead and cancel that maybe forever till we can afford that Like how we’ve got like one little branch of turbolasers here. Just giving the Giving that Star Destroyer some trouble I Need more income what is that something just blew up and took down a bunch of shield? Oh My god the magical Cheerios of striking struck again. I have no idea what that is. Obviously something it is being buffed or D buffed The SR is a the reconnaissance so I don’t know what they’re doing And there’s no more alpha move than flying over the ship that you just literally destroyed like yep You’ve done this yourself I Say the little action here is unreal That is a cool thumbnail Whenever the screen pauses like this for a second it’s because I’m saving a thumbnail There’s a screenshot button though as well f12 maybe Man oh man. What a mess I’ve no idea how we’re going to break through here. I just call them like a like ten dreadknots home one Mac, parka, no You get this big boy like actually in range There’s you know like pass through all of the enemy here and just Also, I have no idea why my ally isn’t building any more ships And I guess he’s made some ships, but he hasn’t made any dreadknots of his own And look at it just charging through this Just a mess I Copy seculars taking some damage Hey George, how’s it going? Hate it went which does not tell you that’s awful twitch get your stuff together Just blast the stardestroyers we’re going might as well So I cars one-third of the way done okay There’s a there’s an AI second over there no, no he spawns it back through the base, but it’s okay He’s got a lot of ships kind of just like wandering around. Whereas I just sent anything. I had in towards. Yeah enemy Starbase Yes, sir, welcome to the stream So guys if you enjoy this you want to support me on Twitch If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe fo free really helps me out. It was a couple bucks my way every month You have to also if you do want to continue support for the channel Amazon Prime and you don’t have to you can always use it on someone else But you should use it all the money goes back to dirty Jeff Bezos Then you have to resub every month. What and sometimes doesn’t tell you so Be careful. I Feel like this Ships been trying. Oh, that’s not good. Just been trying to get into position, but it’s very slow. He’s waiting Come on come on old girl. There we go. There we go. Now she’s moving. Yeah that maybe I told her to stop moving accidentally That’s what I’m talking about get some damage in there All these fighters though damn chasing this poor secular down thing did not last very long So slow What are you doing why don’t you go to battle because with Look, we’ve secured the middle territory. We’re good There’s one another fan and ships the tide climber It’s the tide class. Yeah, I think I’m pretty sure this is a fan design ship quite like though, it’s good Looks like a Mon Calamari frigate would Akbar is almost at 2/3 nice and we’re gonna be actually within range with our final guns. Let’s keep moving though Some just went down hurt So the Imps IQ toward isn’t as colorful it’s because we’re trying to mate with them, so I think that’s how the The Galactic Civil War went I don’t really know my Star Wars history though. Oh She’s dead Some took out a bunch of his command points on one. We got one ship left on the field a bunch of star fighters A zero century. Thank you very much for the tier one sub. Let’s appreciate it Release the angry ex that’s right So they’re gonna be able to counter our Starfighter. So we’re just gonna win this like almost by default at this point Unless they can get a lot more fighters over here or some Corvettes or something. I like there’s a pretty healthy star destroyer as well Publix redemption Pretty good name for a especially a really good name for a rebel Venator if such a thing existed it’s helping to redeem the republic which became corrupt and bloated and you know bad stuff happened and It’s the literal redemption because it’s like actually a ship from that era sewn into kick-ass I Do have a patreon yes, it’s just a Kratz letter patreon It’s gonna be getting you a a reboot soon because I feel like I’m not really offering much in the way of rewards Donations are always appreciated but never ever expected Here we go such a good game look at this massive star destroyers in development This thing just slowly dying Let’s do another game Let’s just do it one be one though as it would plays the Empire this time So you can see what things are like from the other side look at everything we killed One Titan class 209 ties 66 tied Bombers 81 tine receptors 13 tie hunters 14 tie defenders 3m 2s2 implants 12 gladiators Pet Vader, what’s his name again? Mr. Cyborg and I’ll ask What did it cost us everything Alright I’m just gonna change the title. It’s just cuz people are confused Yeah play is the Empire against pirates, oh I’m not playing on hard but I will play against the Pirates Not very good at a at skirmish do it over Hoth Hey blade of your Huygens looking the stream Oh Chilly Ready for battle things are tough just because there’s so much you’ve got a secure set Okay, so we’ll build a gladiator and then nothing else just because Like I always talk about it’s not good to get in that situation where you want to be able to build a thing, but you can’t a Resource structure, but you can’t it’s like the worst feeling in the world It’s like ironic you could pay for others but not yourself Nadja with five gifted subs. Thank you very much whoa, guys That is total of 32 gifted subs by nacho. Also a bunch too Charlie of the family bovine like my buddy, so Some big let’s get a nice warm Eckart’s letter. Thanks for that. Thanks buddy pudding Okay prepare the Klaxons Do we spend too much maybe There’s one right playerbase that I didn’t grab that’s pretty dumb of me, I guess I can grab it later I Buy you Buy you eat maybe That doesn’t sound right, I’m sorry There we go, let’s get a few interceptors – What was that It’s some baddies over here some rebel scum Causing trouble for the rightful Galactic Empire, we will handle that with a gladiator Construction complete I’ve got a couple of uh I’ve got one Corvette just in case they start throwing Wiley’s at me in case they start talking wild wings, which is never good Especial Matt vision presumably because I’ve got an advantage in fighters First century just gave his first sub not only as first time he just gave us first five subs. Thank you very much, dude I’m incredibly generous Guys could we get a a big wow. Thank you and an angry ex for a reserved century You very much – reinforcements enroute I Really really appreciate your guys’s generosity. Seriously. I don’t know if I say it enough, but I really it’s above and beyond consistently Construction complete So, I’m sorry YouTube, but you guys have to get used to the klaxon Let’s move all of our forces up what is that? Oh no munificent We’re tougher than you I think Okay, we got that built we’ve got not built let’s get one just to stick here oops Was that a host O’Daniel new patron Daniel, thank you very much. Don’t even have that. Uh don’t even have that Gift for gift set up yet, but thank you very much Is reporting and chill And we’re pushing hard on them we got like all the asteroids Reinforcements Draco, thank you for the host much appreciated Okay time to uh, I think it’s basically time to push let’s just build a few more fighters production set that up Lighter has point defense cannons. Yeah. It’s got point defense and Proper guns Trevor lasers, I don’t know why turbo lasers are proper now Little judgmental Thing wants to come and range of the station even though it’s the only level one will blow that up. No problem With all these guns. Uh, uh No, no Struction concrete actually, he didn’t he did more damage to our shields than I thought jump that Vindicator down to help You nineteen deficit model I mean meet ups is it always like looks a little cartoony to me. So yeah that model is pretty good So I clicked it all my ships near the Front of our or near the middle there so we can for all of our fighters I guess Slowly just dying now, okay clear and clean in half Sevilla have you were slow day. Yeah, I guess so what happens? We’re doing pretty well actually for once and then in a single-player skirmish under attack, but Keep her going let’s build Street what I can’t ask screed and We’ll build Vader and then we’ll build a victory we lost one of these order we’d never have it Like a wing down and go help Throwing like droid try fighters in us have you tried the new clothes tester version of this mod you live you have tried that’s closed is the Awakening of the rebellion. Montt ah, damn. I just blew my thing. I didn’t realize Let’s jump down here. Let’s claim these asteroids for ourselves Honestly Starfighter spam is like a pretty legitimate tactic in this Oh awakening of the rebellion, no, I haven’t tried the new clothes tester version yet No, I didn’t I didn’t know there was new version but I’d like to I just finished my recent playthrough I was doing of that What’s going on over here sir Vader you got a Hellfire warm on I really like bronze revenge and I really like awakening over that when those two are my favorite Right now I think fir’aun’s revenge probably takes it but they’re both very very good in my opinion My opinion there’s things that awakening of the rebellion does better than Thrones revenge like Things are really like about awakening of the rebellion are the planets Pacific shipyards Like how epic are you can build the occur and destroyer and whatnot. That’s really cool I like the the missions in awakening of the rebellion And I like kind of the story aspect but they’re also a lot of things I like about Thrones revenge like It’s something I really like about Thrones revenge. It’s just so polished. It almost feels like it’s the base game That’s like the main thing really just how polished the game is And I will I love the air progression system And I really like the fact that Corey is like a Star Wars legends expert really shines Probably outdone by a munificent right now Building stars at the ready República wars fun too, but it’s not it’s for me. It’s not quite the same level of like as the other two Really as we capture that asteroid How did that happen? I don’t understand how we didn’t completely crack that trap you nificent Corinne I can’t with a name for our podcast we haven’t which is a little disconcerting, isn’t it? I Should have made that one a pirate face probably Absolute chaos. Yeah. I’m what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start checking you basically a Lot of Empire War mods on the channel just like ones that I would not necessarily write off but I wouldn’t ordinarily want to dedicate an entire playthrough to Say I’m gonna be doing that I think that will be a really fun series So yeah, that could be one of them Ben with his 48th gifted subs to the very very incredibly deserving captain George Hawk Ron, yeah, we considered that there were a lot of really good recommendations better than I even expected on our on our video and we put Three squads of type I interceptor at under scepter should have no problem with the B wing Viewing is really bad for any sort of direct combat Ready for orders, sir I Think it’s still causing trouble over there. Oh, no Jabba’s on the battle. What will we ever do? All right, let’s get on I mean if it’s in You Bombard him from far away right here. Take bombard the shield generator with your mr. Chan. He’s a victory one, right so does Yeah, it actually has the missiles You know nice to have a oh, come on It’s in range of the station. I just meant I just threw 5,000 credits away That’s ex Guys got an F in the chat for that a hut asteroid I just spent like a bunch of eight dollars on Vader died, but we’ll get him back in somewhere We came in with an ISD we could probably take the damn station But that’s pretty aggressive Mm-hmm Guys D. Didn’t really have weak shields. I think that’s kind of a kind of overstating things It could be just for balance I’m just saying Just saying Okay Any space station has been operated again there one wobble ahead of me. I thinks Yeah, I pretty sure they’re one level ahead of me Yeah, cuz I got penny they got the little fins and we don’t Say no is a serious business So you forever to upgrade to these Next level of income even though we’ve got a lot of money so I don’t understand why it’s taking so long Mmm do I want to salt the station right now? So, let’s build a couple more ships In production get out of here shoot Engine Switch position I thought that was neutral oops. What a waste here. Just get out of there. Oops Do not mean to do that Okay, we never get to see the Pirates later ships, okay Do we can get that thing at a harm’s way? What’s an ISDN, right? Yes Build a couple more ships then we’ll push for the next year. I don’t think we saw many of the Of the imperial dreadknots either which space station is taking damage Now we’re turning it over somehow, I don’t know Doesn’t seem right, but I don’t know I don’t know enough about empire war to challenge it There is Fibers on and one of the kendo si Si, that’s a nice looking model. I don’t think hand OC dread-nots or cruisers look like star wars ships, but That’s pretty good model You’re gonna be careful because once we call on these two ships are out of reinforcements until the upgrades done I’m just gonna jump in here and just have done Tyra’s on Nicely these missiles actually doing some damage Stardestroyer standing and obstruction come closer confirmed destroy the shield generator Speed Second ones in waving to those pretty big guns for a not small Cruiser but Smaller than a Star Destroyer Stardestroyer reporting in case he tried to run the gauntlet and he didn’t It’s a Steiner model I Really don’t know much about the Empire Ward modding scene besides my conversations with evil Jedi. What am I being hit by here? Oh, we lost our pirate face that’s 5,000 credits gone out the window Look at catch that can no see as well So I’m pretty sure that the wrong yeah rebuilds automatically upon destruction. I think now would be a good time to build that She could wait Yes, get him while he’s running. Oh He’s a modeler for ads here. So I assume that this mod has permission to use all that stuff And yeah, this mod is a little zoomed out the fighter icons are really tiny Which I think to much like I get it’s meant to look closer to realistic But yeah, I always saw the fighters just like a representation. I Think is literally just like a tinder block box. It’s got nothing at just the engines Well, should I not milk built the wrong person and said called in some support ships what whatever My defenders would go a long way right now Maximus thank you very much. This is the first bits of the stream I think. Thank you On is still alive he’s creeping and crawling down there That’s an interesting theory I can’t say I’ve heard that long reporting All right, let’s drop thrown somewhere where he’ll immediately be useful Big blue I need you of Co Blues can do you can too? Yeah, the Hoff background does make it a little difficult to see I didn’t think would be that hard but yeah This is how the chimera symbol at the bottom probably not Gonna bother rebuilding that is a higher pace right now. Not one. We got so many ships around here I’m ready. All right, let’s go take that asteroids. I see. Oh wait here stop Where are you we need your help Just give them turbo lasers they don’t have anything weirder shit We don’t need Dola yet, let’s just build a few more I’m in rich look forward to the next stage Well, we are roasting at things shields man, I saw the flare from that explosion of yours Our shields are down I think it is with a bunch of missing Is the laser cuts the lasers are our target Didn’t I just kick your ass last night and shadows the Empire you really want to have a second go buddy not smart But all your power into me too look at that devastating broadside Coupled with that head-on attack, I like it Damn do, we lose all those fighters? We just dropped their cuz I did a dozen. I have a second go I just kicked my ass How about that Let’s try that again Where are these fighters Just flying around instructions received Destroying things like diving how to get away from us It’s not what’s happening. That’s kind of what looks like happens. You could imagine that’s what happening. That’s what’s happening There were laser cannons there that probably is what did it look how the heck did that droid kill us so quickly Have been ignored I just didn’t see it. I’m purposely ignore anyone unless they’re being really obnoxious Let’s send you against the enemy base a Lot of money here there’s the upgraded to go a little quicker and fire. Oh Crap they called another dreadnought kind of dreadknots just know they do call to start dreadnought. Okay? We win, yes, we did I have things dead. She’s floating Ah Shit receiving message upgrade complete, uh Yeah, it’s not like I thought I thought that was Damn, I left those unprotected an allegiance class Let’s build a sekito. Sega doors are great in this mod Actually build the eclipse if I save up Damn I probably used the Eclipse right now, you know, I changed my mind we need something with a bit more firepower How we doing against the base not great Why are you shooting out there’s nothing over here Ron baby are you doing nacho with another gifted sub? Thank you very much do Defender standing by How’s the Eclipse the same price as the layer as the what’s it called the Pulsar you’re taking a lot of fire from that station We just get through the shield generator and Pierce that well let’s get all three of them that would make later attacks much easier Zhaan’s back Ready for action Already built at the same time they can. Okay, that’s good So I’m just gonna blow us along of this guy with that hypervelocity cannon pretty damn cool How we doing now? We’re not even gonna do the shields. Can I be Buffalo? Springing all your guns to bear Why are you trying to beat a space station in the long range fight your Star Destroyer god dammit start acting like one Yikes Under control Star Destroyer reporting in there she is reinforcements Now, how are we doing damage we are All right timers on you should not have given your back to this allegiance class What what do I want to shoot at let’s try that kendo stick going towards the base it is Oof there’s a lot of damage Production Standing by that ship is really fast. He’s crap. He’s getting away drop the defenders then Straight shields at least during the next fight we can take him down easy I’m sure with another gifted son. That’s crazy tie defender standing by You never have to You never disturb or donate so can’t subtil different till a certain point or whatever. It’s not a big deal man, we just Whatever here that was thrown must be dead. Doesn’t he come back though? I said he gets rebuilt automatically. I Guess he did just die The man rest I guess I Would like this that Seki tour when they just jump in I just have some man look at all those dreadknots Let’s see if we take that weak one first Said he comes back so he better her also. I’m gonna be kind of pissed that I paid for him Munificent versus allegiance. I don’t think that’s a battle. You guys want to be a part of We lost one of our one of our torpedo batteries, that sucks Receiving message Titan class 35 K. It’s not bad If we just got a buff there what that was Decoding transmission Might be time to hop a super stardestroyer in close to their base production slate before we do that though. We need more star fighters Yeah, this thing’s getting torn apart by something a vendor standing by is it that must be that droid not from back there I Should have saved the hypervelocity cannon by Because I didn’t realize they had no health hardpoint or shield a hard point because I was gonna repair that thing now Stay there after standing by I know you want to help but there’s nothing you can do, right? Oh He repairs damage to his ship I thought he respawned the way I read it it was he responds after death that makes more sense, I guess All right, let’s start building, you know a build two of these and then we’ll start building Big Papi over there Yes, I can build them again so he ain’t coming back unless I do that I Feel you’re gonna lose this one You Space Station under attack If they want or if you wants to make a run at that Space Station, I think we can take him down Especially he’s by himself Six percent, okay, there’s gonna be jumping that thing in as close as we can to that pirate base, I think Shit here, you know build this place out Goddamn it chap I go home. I was actually got like a jet. He’s actually got like the java’s. Yeah – that’s cool Rebuilds automatically upon destruction, so I guess it’s talking about the hardpoints but I Read that as we build the ship automatically upon destruction, which I guess it’s not Leave it alone You butthole into squadron reporting I’ve got one setting up my run Damn dude, we’re gonna lose this for sure Literally, you’re feeling our only chance at all right now is just to jump that big Star Destroyer and maybe we can take their shield Down before they maybe we can take it down before they take us down Or at least maybe that’ll take some heat off the rest of our forces everywhere else. I Don’t have money to build a my income so low I can’t build anything now Please give me some more fighters Looks like they’re stirring that towards my star base now, it’s not good for me Thing is on its last legs three percent engine strength Primary target acquired come on. You can kill one of those things If I jump in right here I can take down these two asteroids recapture them, maybe get back in the driver’s seat, but This thing is still pretty far away from you already Yeah, not pissing people off with political opinion sounds like a great job Thanks Oh God Now the actual frigates are the freighters are arriving soon the capital ships will be here We can take these a little these little freighters All right 85% Oh boy. I Don’t know I bought it doing that things like dead but I Know what’s the engines that are surviving Oh Maura boy. Thank you very much. The hundred bits man There are to apologize for only giving 100 bits that’s 100 more than as expected. So, thank you enforcement shit Hurry up Man we gonna have to this Super Star Destroyer is going to try to take down two Dreadknots, maybe a third one coming. And then also this Venator plus all these fighters. I don’t think it’s gonna happen And always always Starfighter – I better get back to base 98 99. Come on. Gimme. Gimme gimme gimme Imperio destroyer holding Stilt modak no, no I can still fire on the stealth mode then pretty greasy We need fighter support just get a couple carriers in here if we can And these drones aren’t knowing because they don’t have any shield or hard points Ooh, bobba, bobba buddy, you’re killing me here The two destroyers are now in range Transmit orders. Hey shoot at me instead No, please survive survive That’s all guys So that’s all for today, um, let me know what you guys think of this mod I enjoy it I like the graphics Obviously, it’s pretty cool The H eats so hard and multiplayer But I probably lost that just because I’m bad If you guys want more of this though, make sure you let me know youtube if you want to see this live Follow me over at which twitch.tv slash a card slider and I’ll see you guys next time


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