[EngSub] Red velvet Eye contact cam S2 EP5 Irene

I missed the train. I’m going back to the train station. Redvelvet eye contact cam (Irene’s small, sure happiness.) Manager sister dressed like a traveler. (Laughter) My sister got ready for the train trip, but she missed the train. I said train number 8,But my sister missed the train because she went to gate 8. Even here is under construction. I almost missed the train twice. Irene stood up. And I could not shoot. TT I arrived in Daegu, the hometown of Irene. This is a friend’s shop. The owner of this store is a person who wears gloves. Say hello with your hands. She likes purple so I like purple too. Irene: What? a purple friend:circle! Irene: Yes! purple friend:(nod) (nod) purple friend: I don’t have a ring. Irene: Originally My friend and I have a friendship ring. [Soul mate] My friend and I have similar birthday dates.
Irene: My birthday is March 29th and my friend is March 19th. purple friend: (yes) (yes)
Say it with your hands. Where is the cactus I gave you? purple friend: It was small at first, but it got bigger. [Irene’s Macaron Class] -beginner- purple friend: The amount of cream should not exceed the shape of a circle. purple friend: Try it How do I do this? TT ~Screen Adjustment Time~ purple friend: What are you doing? Irene: It’s squeezing.(laugh) It’s ruined. I don’t have macaroons. Who’s good at the beginning? Do you agree?
purple friend: It wasn’t this far. Irene: What’s wrong with this?
purple friend: You said that.
Irene: I did it? a purple friend: (laugh) Interesting. I’m making macaroons. Irene: My dinner menu is Bibimbab. Irene: Why do you work alone without me? purple friend: To make a beautiful-looking macaroon purple friend: Your Macaron is ugly.
Irene:ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look like an ugly stone? purple friend: The pot was out of the induction range!!!!!!! It smells really good. It’s ruined. My Macaron. Irene: How do you handle a badly shaped macaroon?
purple friend: Over time the ugly parts disappear. Irene: This is pretty.
purple friend: That’s what I made. Irene:Okay. My friend’s macaroon looks pretty, but the macaroon I made had a lot of holes. My first Macaron! You are a Red Velvet fan. Irene: What do you think of my Macaron?
purple friend: (Laugh at) Waterdrop macarons Irene:I don’t think this is the case. Why do you break it? Why do you break it?
purple friend: Let’s see if it’s cooked well. purple friend: I’m checking the condition by cutting the unpriced macaroons in half.
Irene: Like this?
purple friend: Try it. This Macaron is ugly. a rise in ability Irene: I’ll put the ugly macaron separately and eat it. Isn’t Macaron difficult? Irene: What is the prettiest macaroon you can see?
purple friend: It’s pretty, too Completion! Irene: my first work purple friend: Thank you. I’ll eat Macaron well. Finished. My schedule for today is over. And I have to go to Seoul again. purple friend good bye~~ (For Irene who was standing on the train from Seoul to Daegu her mother reserved a special room seat.) [Irene’s schedule today]
I visited Sapporo for a commercial shoot. It’s snowing heavily. I am bored now. I eat boiled eggs. Seoul → Sapporo I arrived in Sapporo. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a video.
And I ate a meal. I will go to enjoy the hot spring because it is located here. There was something I wanted to do in the snow.
The scene where the heroine of the Japanese movie Love Letter yells at someone: “How are you doing?” It’s very delicious! Everything happens all of a sudden.
I don’t know when and what’s going to happen.
Good bye~


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