Epic Wrap Battle

Today we crown
the greatest wrapper of all time. – Let’s talk about that.
– ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Mythical beasts, a question is like a Christmas tree. Once posed, it waits
in the forest until we come along with our answer ax and chop it down.
We take it home, prop it up in the living room, decorate it with
question ornaments and question lights, and then we stuff a bunch of question
presents underneath. Finally, we plug it in and stand back
to look at it in all its glory. But wait! Your pet rabbit Millie
is gnawing on the cable! Sparks are flying everywhere and our
question tree ignites into flames burning everything to the ground
in a pile of ashes! But don’t worry, mythical beasts,
because somewhere, buried in all that ash and sadness, is one remaining Christmas
present. And inside of that present – is your answer.
– Let’s open it. – It’s still a little hot.
– (exhales) We asked you to ask us questions
related to gifts and you did not – fail to disappoint.
– Yes. We received one quest-ee-ohn gift
from Tiffany McGovern who asks, – “What would you guys like for a gift?”
– Well Tiffany, it’s very sweet of you to worry about what we want for Christmas
and it isn’t like we haven’t thought about this. We have thought
about this. We’ve prepared our very own – Christmas wish list.
– Oh yeah this Christmas, I would like – a bacon-scented bidet.
– This Christmas I would like a subscription to “Men Who Care Too Much
About Their Hair” magazine. This Christmas I would like
toothpaste and Q-tips. – We’re almost out. Yeah.
– Good catch. – This Christmas I would like wood.
– This Christmas I would like once and for all to be 100% sure
of what will happen when I di — – al ♪ 867-5309! ♪
– (both laugh) – You threw us all on that one!
– Yeah. This Christmas I would like a Snuggie
that effectively traps my farts instead of funneling them
directly up to my face. This Christmas I would like a lifetime
supply of scratch and sniff toilet paper. – What does it smell like?
– Well it depends – on when you scratch and sniff.
– Oh. This Christmas I would like to be able to go one week
without some stranger asking me, “Hey! Do you play basketball?” I did!
I don’t anymore! It wasn’t pro; I did high school! Just ’cause I’m tall,
yes I’ve touched a basketball. – Get over it!
– This Christmas I would like a book of puns. I’d really like
to incorporate more puns into my life. I would have expected
a pun to be in that. – I don’t have the book yet.
– Oh. – (laughs)
– This Christmas I would like a wool sweater that says,
“Fleece Navidad.” I do have the book. – (laughs)
– This Christmas I would like – to have actual missile toes.
– This Christmas I would like – ♪ to teach the world to sing
– (both) in perfect harmony. I’d like to buy the world a tube
of Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter – Peppermint Lip Balm. ♪
– Available exclusively – at RhettandLink.com/store.
– Next question comes from — who is it from? Destiny Dasse or Dayce,
who asks, “How to wrap gifts – that are weird shapes?”
– Hmm. Now technically that’s not a question;
that’s a statement, but we’re gonna answer it anyway. And the only way we can answer
that question — and that’s with an – EPIC wrap battle.
– ♪ (thematic music) ♪ – EPIC WRAP BATTLE OF CHRIMAAAA.
– Welcome to the first ever – Epic Wrap Battle.
– Whoo! – Wrap with a “W.”
– And as you can see, there’s all types of wrapping paraphernalia here
and we’re about to WRAP OFF! And we are gonna have three different
challenges. – LET’S GET READY FOR THE first one.
– ♪ (Christmas music) ♪ Alright we’re gonna see
who can wrap the fastest. – So Rhett, we have identical boxes.
– But do we have identical – wrapping abilities?
– I don’t think so! – That’s what we’re gonna find out.
– Alright so whoever gets it done – the quickest wins.
– And it’s just full coverage. – Yeah.
– And a bow. Stevie is gonna judge and we cannot leave
anything peeking. – No peeking.
– Alright. You’re gonna give us – the countdown?
– Whoo I’m so nervous! – (Stevie) Three…two…one…GO!
– ♪ (festive music) ♪ – (crinkling)
– (Link) Oh shoot. – COME ON, WHAT’S HAPPENIN’?
– Ah. – I’m taping my fingers!
– OH! I just busted the corner! – I HATE CHRISTMAS!
– You could have done it normally – and beat me at this point.
– Where’d y’all get this? I’m blaming it on you
as you can see — – Done! (laughs)
– (crash) Alright I’m taking a little more time.
I gotta make sure that this thing’s done since you’re throwing a tantrum
over there. Alright. ‘Cause I think that there’s a gap here and I’mma
make sure that I cover that up. – I’m moving on too.
– Stevie come on in. – ‘Cause I’m basically done.
– Oh look at this. Why didn’t I pick – the ZEBRA PAPER the first time?
– Alright done. – Wow. This is beautiful.
– (laughs) I got ya something, Stevie. (laughs) Well you know, the good thing
about this is that — you know how sometimes you get a gift
and you really like the wrapping paper — – And you feel guilty for unwrapping it?
– from the person — yeah. – Yeah.
I’VE EVER SEEN! – (laughs)
– But you know what? – I’m not seeing any of the red box.
– Nope. And you did do it the fastest
and that was the challenge, – (claps and laughs)
– so I’m gonna give this one to Link! I didn’t do it in style
but I did finish. Okay we said there had to be
a bow on it. I’m done. – Woah! Oh!
– I’m done. I’m done. – Did we say there had to be a bow?
– Yeah. I got a bow. The rules were – that we had to have a bow on there!
– (both) He’s right. – Yeah he did say…
– Would you like to inspect it? – Alright yeah. Give it here.
– It’s this nice zebra pattern. Wow. The way that you started out,
I was a little worried, but — After all that tantrum,
how could you win this – with a bow technicality?
– It’s not a technicality; – it’s called, “The Rules,” brother.
– DANG IT! – (laughs)
– Alright, looks like — – (screams)
– GAMESMANSHIP! – Okay Rhett, I guess you win this round.
– I love Christmas. Technicality, but this round goes to you. – ♪ (Christmas music) ♪
– As you can see, we can’t. So what we’re gonna do is in this round,
we’re gonna be presented with an item. – Let’s go ahead and see the item. Okay.
– Oh. Takes me back to my birfday. – Turns out that we have the task of —
– From this year. wrapping balloon animals the best.
So this isn’t about being fast; – this is about being the best.
– (Stevie) Are you ready? – Three…two…one…go!
– ♪ (festive music) ♪ – (crinkling)
– (laughs) – What are y’all laughing at over there?
– Okay — – Are you laughing at me?
– I’m gonna go on a little trip! Oh there it is. – (pop)
– Oh gosh. – Okay, so…
– (laughs) – Okay. Totally fine!
– What’s happenin’ over there? – Nothing to see here.
– There we go. It feels good! – (claps) Done.
– Done! (Stevie) Okay let’s remove the blindfolds
for the judging process. – Okay.
– (laughs) Shall I present mine first?
Now listen, I know that you can see parts of this, but it’s a dog right?
And if you wanna let a dog breathe… – Okay.
– Now what happened to yours? Hey why don’t you open it up
like you’re receiving it and see how happy – you would be if you got that.
– Oh this looks pretty good. Stevie? – Mhmm.
– Oh what did you get me? – Tell me how you feel about that.
– (laughs) I’d say you lose, man!
I heard it pop! You killed it! – There’s a lesson in that.
– YOU KILLED THE BALLOON DOG! – There’s an anatomy lesson in that.
– Right here. – (laughs)
– I think I’m gonna have to give – this round to Link.
– Oh gosh. – I mean it was a creative choice.
– Yeah. – The dog lived.
– Okay, you live this round. (claps) I’m up by one
going into the final. – ♪ (Christmas music) ♪
– Okay going into Round Three, – Link, you’re up two to one —
– Mhmm. – and now this is a style round.
– Uh huh. – This is just who can do the coolest job.
– Alright. Well I did a great job – blindfolded and now without that…
– We have some odd-shaped objects that are gonna be brought in now
that we have to wrap. This is like an amorphous
papier mache whale. This is a whole, fake,
sager-toothed tiger skull. (Stevie) Okay here we go.
Three…two…one…go. – ♪ (festive music) ♪
– (crinkling) I don’t need that ribbon. – Okay, I’m done.
– Alright. (laughs) – Nice. You’ve done excellent jobs.
– Mine comes with an explanation, but — – Allow me to present mine.
– Okay! Cool. Alright…Stevie, I present to you
The Amazing — – Thank you.
– Deceptive, Double Duck Deceiver. ‘Cause as you may know, that gift doesn’t
have a double-headed duck in there. I mean it is extremely creative.
If I saw this under the Christmas tree, – boy would I be excited.
– (laughs) – I’m sure you would.
– And then you you’d open it; you’d be really disappointed,
which is the point. It’s for bad kids who think they’re gonna get
a double-headed duck. Okay. I respect this.
I think you did a great job. – (claps)
– Let’s weigh the other option. – Be gentle with her.
– Now I really took the form that I was given and did
a little interpretation of it. – Wow.
– I present to you, Krampus. – What’s that? Evil Santa Claus?
– (snarls) – Looks like a deep-sea creature.
– How convincing is that! – This is what the bad kids get.
– Oh so they’re both gifts for bad kids. – Yeah! We both gave gifts to bad kids
– (laughs) to disappoint them.
And it kinda hints at what it is. – Oh thank you. I get to hold it now?
– It’s got hair. It’s got teeth. – Yeah that’s what I was gonna say —
– It’s got horns and eyes. You did wrap it. It does give me a clue
as to what is inside of the package — – Mhmm.
– versus the two-headed duck. – Deceiver Duck.
– You both did an amazing job. – I’m gonna hand this back to you.
– Oh thank you. Alright it’s anybody’s game, Stevie,
it’s all up to you. Is it the Double-Headed Deceiver Duck
or is it the Poor Excuse for a Krampus? – (screams)
– You know, I gotta say it’s gonna be a controversial decision, but I’m gonna
have to go with Link on this one. And you know what, Link?
You also win this coveted trophy — – Trophy time!
– that I will now personalize for you. – Boom!
– Oh, congratulations Link. Link Neal: Greatest Wrapper of All Time!
Whoo! Alright, now we have
a special announcement. Tomorrow, December 11th, marks the kickoff
of the eighth annual Project for Awesome, which as you probably know,
is Hank and John Green’s fundraising drive to “decrease worldsuck” and provide
monetary support to awesome charitable – causes.
– Last year, P4A participants – raised over 1.2 million dollars!
– Wow. And this year, the goal’s even higher
than that. So, how can you be your mythical best and participate
in this year’s Project For Awesome? We’re gonna tell you about it,
but just so you know, you can also go over to ProjectForAwesome.com
to get all of the details. Right. There’s basically four ways
that you can get involved. You should do all four of these.
First one, you should submit a video on December 11th and or December 12th
in support of your favorite charity or charitable cause. Even if you’re just
vlogging to camera, sharing about a personal connection that you have
with the charity or not, it’s just a charity you want to support,
you should totally make the video and put it on the Project For Awesome
website. The second thing you can do – is vote for your favorite video/charity,
– Mhmm. whether it’s yours or somebody else’s.
The top 10 videos/charities will receive a portion of the total money raised.
The third thing you can do obviously is donate money. And that’s important.
One of the things that you’re eligible for when you donate money are special perks
supplied by various YouTubers, – including… Rhett! And me.
– Hey, us! His name’s Link. So one of the things we’re donating
is four pairs of the very last ever made Anniversary Mythical Shoes,
which are no longer in production. – You can get those as perks by donating.
– Mhmm. You can also get the only pair of Lego
shoes that we made for the “Will It Shoe?” – Yes.
– video. Those purple Lego shoes. So if you want to own those,
you need to donate. Right. And you should also watch
the 48-hour live stream – that’s gonna be hosted by John and Hank.
– Mhmm. – It’s always very entertaining.
– Hey! And that’s also where you find out about
the different donation perks. – That’s how you keep up with that.
– Right. And we’re submitting our video to P4A in
support of one of our favorite charities. We’ve already talked about them with our
“Oh My Flavors” campaign, – Mhmm.
– Action Against Hunger. Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian
organization that works across the globe to save the lives of children
suffering from malnutrition, and provide communities
with sustainable access to clean water and hygiene solutions. They’ve helped
more than 13.5 million people – last year alone, so it’s pretty great.
– And one of the things that we like so much about Action Against Hunger is we
do a lot of eating on this show, right? And we do a lot of eating
to entertain you. – Yeah.
– That’s one of the biggest things that we do and some of the videos that get
the most views are the ones where we’re eating things. And we have the privilege
of being able to do that because we have access to all kinds of food
here in California and in the United States of America.
And that’s not true – in a lot of places in the world.
– Right. They don’t have access to any kind of food
and as much of it as they want. In fact, sometimes they don’t have access
to food that can even get them through the day, give them the nutrition
that they need to be able to get through the day.
So that’s what Action Against Hunger does. It helps children and their communities
actually get that food and clean water and the hygiene that they need
in order to live normal lives. Right. And there’s a number of efforts
that they’re involved in around the globe, but one of the things that I’m really
fond of is they disseminate this super nutritious food developed to
prevent malnutrition called Plumpy’Nut. – Hmm.
– And I just like saying the word “Plumpy’Nut.” It’s got a version of milk
in it and it’s got some sort of sugar – in it, but it’s also got peanut butter.
– Oh. Which as you know, is close to my heart.
So, peanut butter’s close to my heart. Saying the word “Plumpy’Nut”
is close to my heart. Those are other reasons to donate to
Action Against Hunger if you needed ’em. And so far this year, we’ve been able to
donate more than $27,000 to Action Against Hunger, but during
Project For Awesome, we can help them get even more money if they’re one of the
top 10 charities that are voted for. And based on last year’s number,
with that total that was raised, – Mhmm.
– that would’ve been an additional $25,000, which is enough
to provide more than 550 kids – with lifesaving nutritional support.
– 550. So tomorrow, when Project For Awesome launches,
head over to ProjectForAwesome.com and vote for our video in support of
Action Against Hunger please. Also be sure to watch
that 48-hour livestream and donate to the P4A Indiegogo campaign.
Campaign! – Campaign it up!
– You can score some sweet exclusive perks and more importantly,
make a tangible difference by decreasing worldsuck.
Thanks for being your mythical best. And thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing, and sharing this video. – You know what ti — I —
– (laughs) – Still sick, you know what time it is!
– I’m Matt, and this is Indiana Jones – from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
– ♪ (theme music) ♪ and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Starting tomorrow, head over to
ProjectForAwesome.com and vote for our video to support
Action Against Hunger. – (laughs) Thanks for your votes, guys.
– What a spin, Link! Click through to Good Mythical More.
We are gonna open your mail with Jen and have a mythical art show,
including — What? – This amazing piece of art.
– Is that real? – Is that an actual painting?
– I can’t believe it. – I’ll tell you about the process.
– Rhett crowns Link Miss Universe. And we have the final question
for Miss Neal from North Carolina. – (laughs)
– (southern accent) Yes? How do you think we should go about
establishing world peace? Well one day at a time
we’re gonna do our best. – (laughs)
– But step one is gonna be — Hmm… – Probably a Brazilian blowout.
– (laughs) – Judges?
– Did I win? – ♪ (celebratory music) ♪
– Congratulations Miss North Carolina! – You’re now Miss Universe!
– Woo! [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]


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