Ernest’s Story – UC Davis Eye Center

Do you need a ride, Ernest, later? Well, it’s just a few blocks, two blocks from here. And I think this is tremendously important because it he is successful that would be fantastic. Then they would be able to make blind people see again I first was in Toronto because I could not get a visa for the United States because I didn’t have anybody to sponsor me. I wanted to go to California, and I said to myself whatever i can get a good deal of an apartment building, that’s where I’m going to move to. And so I had a good deal on a building in Sacramento. And I don’t like to work for somebody else. I like to work for myself, so I was looking for something I can be independent, and then I decided to buy apartment buildings. Yeah, I had glaucoma for several years, and then I started to get infection. The eye doctor he didn’t know really what to do because he couldn’t, he didn’t want to take me off the eye drops. Dr. Lim decided to operate because my pressure was about 35. Since she operated about five years ago, my eye pressure is so fantastic, low. Ernest Tschannen is a man who understands how fortunate he’s been in life, and he wants to turn that good fortune into something for others. Whenever we’re together, the conversation always turns to what he can do to help people regain vision. I remember the first time I met him at that luncheon with his friend, it was really a great luncheon. One it was very healthy. We ate lots and lots of vegetables that day. I didn’t have to touch one for another week. I learned how important many things were to him. You know, good people, helping others, and how sincere he was inside. Mr. Tschannen, we have a resolution that says now therefore be it resolved that the mayor and council of the city of Sacramento we do hereby recognize and honor your achievements in the impact that you made in our community and we proclaim February 16 as Ernest E. Tschannen Day in the city of Sacramento. One more round of applause. One big happy birthday to Ernest on three. 1-2-3…Happy Birthday, Ernest! With a gift such as the one that Ernest has given us to get this project started, I think it will really catalyzed this work so that optic nerve regeneration, repair of the optic nerve will truly be revolutionized. They will cross that final barrier and learn how to reconnect individual nerves in the eye to restore vision. But I wanted to have a little more land where I can have fruit trees, so I bought this place here in Orangevale where I’m still here. I have a lot of fruit trees here. That’s what I intend to stay, you know.

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