Hello, fellow youtubers So we are here again, today for another segment In where, our topic is going to be all about the eye So, any questions related to the eyes We’ll try to answer, my fellow youtubers So for now, we’re going to base our topic according to the common questions asked by our fellow youtubers The most common question raised by the patients here is “Doc, what do you call this problem in my eye?” So when we say, “what do you call this problem in my eye?” This is where, what we call “Error of Refraction” comes in So when we say “Error of Refraction” There are 3 types: The first “Error of Refraction” is called “Myopia” or “Nearsighted” So when we say “nearsighted” Its clear from a closer view, and blurred from a far This is normally corrected by “minus lenses” These are the lenses in where if the grade is really high Its where you’ll see the eyes look really small, that it looks like its been minimized and so that’s it And so what is the second “Error of Refraction” so this is what we call “Hyperopia” HYPEROPIA! meaning “farsighted” clear from a far, blurred from a closer view hyperopia on the contrary is corrected by “plus lens” this is when you”ll see their eyes being magnified when the grade of the lens is high so this is what we call “hyperopia” and so lastly my fellow youtubers this is the the most common question we hear, whenever they say “Doc, my head really hurts. I think I have an” “Astigmatism” So, normally the common symptoms found in astigmatism are headache or doubling of vision So, what do we exactly mean when we say astigmatism? astigmatism is a problem about the cornea of our eyes normally, our cornea’s shape is a circle its similar to the shape of a basketball but, once you have the presence of astigmatism it will turn into an oval shape, similar to an american football ball meaning it is not equally round So, it has a grade in both vertical and horizontal axis most likely, when we say astigmatism this is where everything mixes up it can either be hyperopia or myopia or both next time, we can still further explain but, for now so when we say “Doc, what do you call this problem in my eye?” or “What “Error of Refraction” is presence in my eyes?” So, yeah So, hopefully this helped you, my fellow youtubers and thanks a lot to those who supports, subscribes, and views our channel if you guys have any further questions or topic to open just comment down below, my fellow youtubers and if you want a quicker response I made a facebook page, my fellow youtubers you’ll see here below so just like the page and then message directly and I’ll personally reply, if you want an instant answer to your questions I’ll answer to the best of my ability, my fellow youtubers and if your questions are related to other things, I’ll do my best, my fellow youtubers to ask my fellow doctors in different areas, so that we can answer your questions correctly that’s all, my fellow youtubers thank you so much, thank you thank you and God Bless Us All Goodbye~

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