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hello and welcome to my
youtube channel podiatry more i am andrea and today it’s about the first one
signs of foot deformities cornea. Cornea can be attached to the
various places of the sole of the foot Most of the time it is where it is
foot is overburdened so one can Foot deformities based on the cornea
identify very well and in advance already Let’s see where is the cornea and
which foot deformities are starting because cornea is the first sign of
foot deformities. we will take again our feet, the
you already know. he has a bottom,
Here you can see the toes and also the sole of the foot
That’s how the foot was supposed to be shaped his and so had no cornea.
that means here the arch of the foot is good formed, the outer longitudinal arch and the inner longitudinal arch are intact the inner had
this bow and now this is about the foot deformities i show you
now, and now that most common foot deformities
and there though the splayfoot. the splayfoot is mostly from young ladies or
Young ladies have been through many times the high-heeled shoes of course
those bad connective tissues can have that too and that
the cornea are here in front why are you here? because the front
across vault quasi broken and these two fundamental joints, that is
from the second and the third to what usually so high
lie on the floor and the body want to try this
to protect and forms here just the cornea this is our splayfoot. then
Let’s take a different color, too then the outside overloaded
foot is when someone walks with legs the outside overloaded foot
has mostly on the outside the cornea in front and behind. as you can see here, with the small toe quite often and here at the back, because
the one here first occurs and then picks up. the
the opposite is the inside overloaded foot. the overloaded in
foot, the cornea has exactly on the other hand on the inside, here you have to
be careful there are too still a kink foot. the kink foot
I explain to you in another video how it looks and what it looks like
can do it but now we are in cornea, so
the inside overloaded the foot has them the cornea. then there is also the
flatfoot the flat foot lies with the sole of the foot
flat on the floor on that is that inside vault is no longer there that
means here this vault does not exist more the flat front splay outside the
vault is also flattened, He can on the entire sole of the foot can
he cornea form. then there is not only from the foot part the determination
but also from the toes have so-called claw toes mostly cornea up here and cornea here in front so once on the middle joint and once on the ten point
why because the claw toe overstretched in the base joint and thereby
the toe kicks off so you have the pressure point because it pushes up into the leather and
especially because you look for it runs, instead of running like this one runs
right at the top and here of course, the body is trying again
Protect and build here in front cornea on. If too much cornea builds up it can become a chicken eye combined cornea is one
Protective reaction from our body because the body tries with cornea
to compensate for excessive pressure he does not break his skin
cornea on. if he makes himself think too much of the cornea
body of course and my god mine protection is gone and then he is still building
more cornea on we podologists remove the yes
Cornea which is pathologically present that is actually the pathological
is changed here at the middle foot or outside or at the heel but we do
never so much cornea off that it hurts that means you always have to be healthy
layer of cornea let it stand so not to overproduction after that comes.
Of course you have to apply the cream cornea. there are these rhagades
the back of the heel tears cornea and it can bleed to the point
go and are suitable preparations mostly fatty. these preparations take
you take in the evening and in the morning either foam cream or lotion with it
the fast feeds I could look at your feet here
where you have cornea and if it is These are the places you know now
which foot defects you have. With one should misappropriate one’s foot
go to an orthopedist and then to orthopedic shoemaker of you the
makes deposits. so always wear insoles most of the day, otherwise
Does not bring anything and if they are in the Cabinet dusting bring us too
nothing deposits should support the foot
so that the foot deformities are not gets worse. leave a thumbs up here if you the video did not subscribe
to forget. watch the next video right now and in one of the next videos
I still have the foot deformities closer and also how to get closer
that can handle I wish you a nice day
to the next video andrea bye

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