ESL One Mumbai Dota 2: Host Redeye hyped despite disruption

okay so we just had some bad news as far
as the ESL One Mumbai is concerned five teams have had to drop out which is
pretty extraordinary when you think of it I can’t remember the last time I saw
an announcement where five teams had to pull out but there are some legitimate
reasons and you’re probably thinking well that that really does ruin here so
one by and that couldn’t be further from the truth
actually now tell you why towards the end of this video now first off the five
teams three of these teams have what I would consider to be pretty legitimate
reasons for not attending it so on Mumbai and having to put out and those
three teams are NIP Alliance and gambit now if you’re a dota follow you’ll know
all about the DPC the minors and the majors if you don’t let me just explain
something to you if you get a chance to play a minor you
take it because if you play a minor you get a chance to win that and then go off
to the major and if you get to the major you get lots of points on surprise money
and ultimately could end up qualifying for the International so it’s a really
big deal when it comes to the minors and the majors now unfortunately one of
those minors the next minor is partially scheduled at the same time as ESL one
Mumbai now that’s a scheduling issue that we can debate it another time that
shouldn’t really happen and it shouldn’t but it does
but the reality is they’re partially scheduled alongside each other which
means the teams that go to one can’t go to the other now if you prioritize one
over the other with all due respect to ESL one you would prioritize at the DPC
circuit event and that’s exactly what all those three teams have done because
obviously they want to make sure they get to the international so as
frustrating as it is and it really is frustrating that those three teams about
to pull out totally understandable the fact they’ve had to do it this late in
my argue is wrong however again nothing really they could
do but if I don’t qualify for the major so you kind of blame them a little bit
if you want then they wouldn’t be in this position they would just be able to
gather you say one by the fact is they didn’t qualify for the majors so their
only shot doing so is to be able to go to the minor and they’ve qualified for
that so that’s those three teams the other two teams slightly different
reasons for not attending you so on Mumbai firstly chaos esports Club now I
have to tell you I’m a little soft spot in my heart for these guys I love the
players love the team and the people behind the scene there was some very
very good people indeed as well and I mention this because
rumors flying around about why they may have pulled out of ESL won them by now
one of those rumors was that they didn’t get invited to ESL One Birmingham so they
threw their toys out of the pram and decided to cancel their trip at the last
moment thus screwing over here so on now I can tell you that’s that can’t be
further from the truth we’ve tried possible because they just
aren’t those kind of people you’re talking about having to have a very
petty attitude towards not being invited to something which frankly they didn’t
deserve to be involved anyway and they know that so actually that’s complete
bullshit there is nothing to that rumour whatsoever what is right however is the
theme of announce that they they want to practice more they want to spend more
time together they want to spend some time away from the circuit which also
means they want to avoid burnout and that’s something I can totally empathize
with them on could they have done it sooner yes they could have done it
sooner could allow yourself one no sooner and who knows they may have done
in the background anyway it’s just that the announcement came out today so
that’s chaos eSports a great reason but we understand why and I certainly fully
empathize with the players that don’t want to go so at least one team which is
J.Storm now J.Storm position is a little bit different because as I
understand it they double-booked themselves now quite how that happens in
2019 to a professional esports team is beyond me but apparently they’ll boot at
one tournament which is on the other side of the world and they’re booked to
ESL one and by now obviously they can’t attend bugs so they’re gonna have to let
one down and they’ve decided to let you sell one down now again I don’t want to
enter the politics of this I don’t know the answer to this but if they accepted
ESL one mumbai’s invitation first then seems wrong that they’ve been cancelled
but whatever it may be for a number of different reasons and I’ve yet to see a
statement from J.Storm at this point of the recording so might be that they
have a legitimate reason but for whatever reason someone in that team I’m
talking about the players until now the organisation and these are their
backside smacking because they really shouldn’t be double booking a
professional esports team to two different teams halfway across the world
at the same time so having said all of that you might be sitting there thinking
well hold on then yes I’m on my boy is not gonna be very good but actually you
would be further from the truth than you can imagine because I think it’s gonna
be very special and not least of which because you cannot fire
and the teams and the talent for a moment imagine how starved Indian
esports fans have been over the last 15 years watching an esports get bigger and
bigger all around the world and never having something for themselves to watch
in their home cities in India and I remind you that you know they take up
basically 1/6 of the world’s population in this country there are a lot of
people there a lot of fans of esports and teams and players and talent alike
so I can’t tell you the last time I had this many people messaged me on Twitter
or social media saying how excited they were to see an international grade
world-class broadcast hate to their town city country and I think the last time
for me was probably three years ago when I went to South Africa for the first
time it’s the same kind of excitement that people are sending back to me so
that’s number one number two can’t tell you how excited I’m personally am to be
able to go to somewhere new we don’t get to go to new places very often anymore
because we’ve been around for a while now in esports so to be able to go
somewhere new super exciting I saw some action slacks mentioning the same thing
just the other day so you can bet your bottom dollar we’re all very excited to
be out of a tennis and bring you an amazing experience now thirdly I also
want you to keep this in mind as well the fact we only have eight teams now
means that the format’s changed a little bit but it means it’s changed for the
positive positive particularly for the Indian team that are involved now we’ve
had an Indian qualifier they’ve qualified through the qualification
system got themselves legitimately into the tournament but under the old scheme
when it were 12 teams we would have lost four teams from the group stages which
means four teams would not have played on the main stage in front of the crowd
inside the dome in Mumbai as it is now however all night teams will qualify for
the next rounds which will mean every single team gets at least one match on
the stage in front of the crowd including our hometown Indian team who
will get to play in front of an Indian crowd at an international event in the
dome in Mumbai that is going to be spectacular I can’t wait for you to
share and see how crazy the Indian fans are and they’re wild they’ll go for
their own team to be playing as well so that’s fantastic so lots of really good
reasons why we should be excited and we’re only a couple of days away from
heading out to Mumbai – I can’t wait


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