Ethos Bright Eyes™ for Cataracts – UK TV ‘6 Week Trial Results’ Video

our experiment still has months to run the initial results are so impressive that we’ve decided to tell you about them now what looks like excellent news for other cataract sufferers coming up and that somebody else will have some rather good news to share in half an hour they can reduce or reverse the effects of cataracts within six months without surgery well only six weeks after we started the trial we’re already seeing some remarkable results here a Mick Diana and Helen are three guinea pigs before they started the treatment and six weeks afterwards my name is Michael Wildmon I have one cataract on my right eye which I’ve had now for thirty years my name is Diana Thompson I found out about my cataracts about 18 months ago so they’re in very early stages at the moment my name is Helen asslam and on seventy-years-old the optician told me about four years ago that I had a bad cataract in the right eye and one Foreman in the left on the treatment is very uninteresting all it is a couple of drops on a night time I started noticing within a week that the fog was lifting within the last week I’ve had another eye test at the hospital where I could actually see the letters on the eye chart for the first time about 10 days after I’d started taking the drops I looked up from my chair I looked up at the tray and it’s it seemed to spring into three dimension it’s definitely a better solution than having an operation apart from anything else I can do something about it straight away I don’t have to wait until it’s bad enough to operate because I play darts it makes a lot of difference we’ve being able to see with my glasses I can see very very clearly without my glasses I can now read the numbers on the board and I think it’s a lot easier than going into the hospital one having the operation if you’re sure in your own home and there’s no fuss and bother you just put drops in it’s looking really really good and actually I’ve been using them – not that I’ve got a cataract but there’s a lot of bad eyesight problems in my family I can’t claim that I’ve had any sort of radical better vision but everything is I’ve said – you have net everything seems brighter and clearer you said that your vision seems sort of just sharper yeah I’m sure your distinctions drawed me well we’ve had loads of inquiries from you about those drops asking if they work obviously at the moment they do we’ll keep you posted on how those three get on over the next four months or so meanwhile the drops are now available in chemists shops they’re called bright eyes they come in a little cardboard box as you say they feel very soothing when you put them in some drops can sting but this ever night you you


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