External Ear and Middle Ear Anatomy

Okay so now we’re gonna look at the ear,
okay so our major auditory component. Okay so the outer ear here it’s called
the pinna thats your ear lobe, okay we have an external auditory meatus which makes up
the external auditory canal which accumulates to the structure here, to
your eardrum called the tympanic membrane. So we can actually remove that
and see that membrane itself. Okay the middle ear is connected to the back of
that tympanic membrane. Okay so you have three ossicles as they’re called so
there are three ear bones. The first of the ear bones is connected to the
tympanic membrane called the malleus, incus is connected to that which
accumulates to this one that’s kind of got the forked edge called the stapies now we can see a much larger version of those individual bones.
So our malleus here, incus kind of looks like your little hammer here, and then of
course the stapies which is this part here. You also have an auditory tube, so this
is my middle ear we have auditory tube that’s going to flow down that allows
for drainage there.

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