Extreme Hide The Meatball Challenge Ft. Team Edge

– Today, we play Hide and Go Meatball. – [Team Edge] Let’s talk about that! (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning!
– And look, it’s Bobby, Joey, and Brian
from Team Edge in the house! (clapping) – Welcome, me. – All the way from Edgeland. – All right guys, what’s your
relationship with meatballs? – Oh, really close. – You got a really close
relationship with meatballs? – We’re intimate.
– [Bobby And Brian] Oh! – This just got weird. – Well, that might come in very handy, because today we’re playing a game all about how well you
can hide the meatball, you know what we call it? Hide the Meatball! – Welcome to the Invisiball
Zone! (blows whistle) – Okay, little warning, Stevie!
– I hurt my own ears. – All right, so we invented this game, and put it in our “Book of Mythicality”, called Hide the Meatball, so basically the task is
to hide a meatball using only your mouth or your teammates’ mouths. It makes for a great party. (laughs) So, this should be fun. We added Josh to our side to make it a competitive three-on-three, and Chase wasn’t available. – I had no plans. – Yes, thanks for joining us, Josh. As you can see, our guest Team Edge, you’re playing as Team GMM, and actually we are
playing as Team Team Edge. (clapping) – I don’t really get it.
– Because why not? – Everybody starts off happy, right? – Okay, the winner after four rounds of correctly identifying
who’s got what meatball will be given the amazing
Golden Meatdallion! Look at that thing! – [Link] I want that. – [Rhett] It’s real meat! – Yeah, it’s gold-plated. Now, last time we played this game, not a single ball was
identified correctly, so let’s see if we can do it. – [Rhett And Link] Round one! – Okay guys, we’re starting
off with the sour ball round. If you’ll recall last time we played, this was a normal round, but we’ve gotta kick
things up a notch. Sorry. – Super sour?
– So, what you’re gonna do is I need each of you, each
team to pick up your ball, and your sticker, and then you’re gonna
huddle up on your sides, decide where the ball goes, and then I’m gonna call you
back here with my whistle, and you’re gonna do some guessing. So please pick up your balls. – It has to be in the mouth, right? – [Link] Has to be in the mouth. That is a good point. – Good question. You know this show! – And this is sour flavored
meat, it’s not gone bad, it’s not sour meat?
– No, it’ not gone bad! You are safe!
– You know this show! – It’s malic acid, if that
makes you feel better. Okay, so pick up your
balls and your stickers. – Hurry, come on, let’s
get it going over here. – We’ll get to the stickers later. (blows whistle) I was a little bit scared
of myself that time. Okay, so observe each other, and then kind of grunt to each other about who you think has the sour
meatball on the opposing team. (grunting) (laughing) I can’t tell if you’re just doing it now to hear yourselves grunt
or you’re actually… Okay, so I know that it’s very confusing that you’re home team
but you’re not home team, which makes you home team, so you guys place your sticker first. Place your sticker on who you think has the ball in their mouth. (grunting) Oh, on the forehead,
(laughs) that’s a neat one. Okay, guys! (grunting) Link, you have been
chosen! Show me your ball! – Can’t do it, boys! (laughs) Empty mouth, your team’s going south. – All right, who does have the ball? (Rhett shouts) – That’s how we do it! – It’s so sour! – That’s what Team Team Edge is all about. (Rhett shouts) – All right, Team GMM.
– All right, now Joey, Joey took us on a journey. I think he’s acting right now. I was the dissenter in our group. – All right Joey, let’s see it. Open your mouth! – [Link] Okay!
(laughing) I’m sorry guys, good work! – Never listen to Link! – Never listen to me. – Team Team Edge, with one point. – [Rhett And Link] Round two! – All right gentlemen,
it’s the spicy round, and you know what that
means, these are spicy. So pick up your balls and go to your sides and do your little huddle huddles. – Let’s do it. – Don’t know exactly what
it is, you can’t do that. – What is it? – Smell it. That’s potent. Dude, is smells like Frank’s RedHot. (suspenseful music) (blows whistle) – Man, still hurting my own ears. (Link grunts) All right, do your mumbling
and pointing and talking. (laughing) (grunting) All right guys, pick up your stickers. You think you know? It’s very difficult to
communicate with people who are just mumbling with balls in their mouths. And Link.
(laughing) All right guys, stick your sticker. Go ahead. Doing this side first,
Joey again, all right. Joey, let’s see your mouth. (shouts) – We are acteurs! What you call actors. – Thank you for hiding the
reveal, that’s appreciated. – I’m still humming even though
I don’t have it in my mouth. – All right, all right, Link, – I had all that juice in my mouth. let’s see it. – Nah! (laughs) I got ya! – Damn.
– The taller one? (shouts) – Is it hot? – It smelled like Frank’s RedHot. – How did it taste, though? – Oh, God!
– It’s hot! – [Rhett And Link] Round three! – Have you ever taken a meatball and then put it in the dumpster, and then rolled it around,
– No. – and then ate it?
– Now and again. – Stop.
– That’s kinda what we did, because these meatballs have
eggshells, coffee grounds, and rotten banana peels, and Josh is very happy about
it because he made them! – Thank you, it’s truly
my life’s greatest work. – Pick up your gross balls
and put them in your mouths. – You okay, dude? – That chili’s starting to hit! (laughs) – Hey, you did great
man, you were smiling. – I kept all the juices in the front, but once I swallowed… – Now you’re hurting. You’ll
remember us in six hours. (suspenseful music) (Joey gags) (laughs) (blows whistle) – All right, who has the
trash ball in their mouth? (laughing) Speculate. (grunting) All right, you guys ready
to stick your sticker? Grab your stickers. (laughing) All right, stick away! Go ahead, go ahead, yes. Link? (grunting) (Josh hums “The Final Countdown”) (grunting) Rhett, you have a garbage
bag on your forehead. Open your mouth.
– Do I? (laughs) Well, I don’t have meatball in my mouth. – I mean you do, is the
answer (laughing) to that. All right, who has it? (Link groans) All right, and yet again
we’ve gone with Joey. Joey, what’s in your mouth? (shouting) – [Josh] Oh, he chewed it up! – Did you try hiding it, what did you do? – You have salmonella right
now, that’s raw eggshell, man. – That is two to zero, moving on. – [Rhett And Link] Round four! – All right, it’s anybody’s
game in this final round, because before I have
three sets of two balls, you’ve seen them all before.
– [Rhett] So do I. – What’s gonna happen is, all these balls are gonna
go into your mouths, you can do it any way you
want, I’m not here to judge. And then afterwards, you’re
gonna do the same thing, sticky sticks, one point each, three points up in this round. You understand what I’m saying, just get- – [Link] Question.
– Okay. – If you’re not here to
judge, why are you here? (laughing) I mean, I’m just asking. – When you say we can
do it any way we want, are you saying it doesn’t necessarily have to be one ball in one person’s mouth? – Ah, I see what you’re thinking, I see what you’re thinking. – I might be saying that, I don’t know. – Am I allowed to swallow it
and give it to you in 24 hours? (laughing) – We do not want it. – Will not taste the same. – You win if you’re able to do that. – All right, so each grab one of the, you know what I’m saying. – [Link] Grab the nasty. Grab the sour. – Take two nasty ones.
– What do we got? (suspenseful music) – [Stevie] Some noises going on. Here we go. (blows whistle) I’m already disgusted, guys, you ready? You gotta face me. (laughing) All right, so I do believe
it is Team Team Edge’s turn to pick up their stickers and place them, so why don’t you go ahead and do that? You’re gonna place all three of yours, and then we’re gonna move on. (grunting) All right guys, your stickers. (groans) I don’t know what’s
happening at this point. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. All right, so, we’re gonna
reveal on this side first. Brian, open your mouth, please. No balls. Bobby? (shouts) We got a three-baller?! And thank you for spitting that
out in the trash can, Joey. Wow. So that was a no points for
you guys, just to recap. Let’s go down the line. Link? – I got nothing! – What? You put your
tongue against your cheek to make it feel like it or something? – Yeah, you liked that? – [Bobby] That was good, fooled me. – [Stevie] Rhett? – I got nothing! (laughs) – [Team GMM] What? – Yeah! (shouts) We got two triple-ballers in the house! – Triple balls in mouths!
– You guys embrace! Embrace! – Come here, man.
– Triple ballers embrace! – We know what it’s like, man. – It’s a new brotherhood! – I dunno, it’s like the
spicy against the cheek. I swallowed a lot of
eggshell, man! I hate this! – Guys! I do believe this means, still, that you get this big gold ball that I forgot the name of. – Team Team Edge takes home the win! – [Brian] That’s us! – Good job, guys. – Hey, but you gave us
a run for your money. – But at what cost? – What was it, two to one? – Yeah, man, hey, that was slick, that was real slick, real slick. Everybody gets a turn. Okay, thanks to Team Edge
for kicking it with us today, go check out their amazing
YouTube channel now! – And thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Now you guys say you
know what time it is. – [Team Edge] You know what time it is! – Hi, I’m Courtney. – I’m Sam.
– That’s a Rattler. – This is a meatball.
– We’re in Rigby, Idaho. – And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! – Double vision! Click the top link to watch
us play Why Did We Scream? in “Good Mythical More”.
– And to find out where the Wheel of
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