Eye Doctor

Hey, what’s goin’ on, guys and welcome back to another video. Today, I’m in the eye doctor, but in the waiting room right now. But this time I have my glasses on because today, we are at the eye doctor. And now I’m watching Veggie Tales while I am waiting for the doctor. ~I would do Minecraft but you’re just doin’ things maybe~ Aah! Are you sure you think I’m watch– playing Minecraft? By the way, I do not like this show, so that’s why I’m playing on this tablet. Just look straight ahead for me. And be really, super still, okay? *machine beeping* Alright, so… How often do you wear your glasses? I guess I wear them… Uh, I don’t know. Alright, so… Wait, it’s so much bigger now, I can tell without my glasses. I — there was a mirror on the other wall reflecting the screen — See, look, I. I! I guessed it! I guessed I. It’s an I! Hold this up to your right eye first. Can you tell me that letter there? D! *computer clicks* E Is it backwards? Oh, keep looking forward. Good job. F *computer clicks* Oh! no no no no Good job. Did it get in there? Good job! No Oh *David laughing* Tilt your head way back and be real still Hold still Good job. Argg Thank you guys so much for watching. Please like this video, subscribe, and hit that bell. See you guys in the next video. [Clearday by www.bensound.com]

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