Eye exercises for keratoconus: Keratoconus Natural Treatment

Hi… Welcome to keratoconushub TV Friends, Although it is best to stop the progression
of the keratoconus at the earlier stage, as soon as it is diagnosed but some eye exercises
are also there which can help in reducing the rate of progression of keratoconus to
some extent. These eye exercises are good for the overall
health of the eyes. Such eye exercises which are useful for keratoconus
are elaborated here- 1. No. 1 PALMING Palming eye relaxation technique was developed
by Dr. William Bates. The main function of the palming is to relax
the eyes by reducing eye strain. So what is the Method of palming?
Sit comfortably at some place and put your right palm over your right eye and left palm
over the left eye gently, without applying any pressure. Now inhale and exhale deeply for approximately
10 minutes. One thing that should be kept in mind is that,
you should not open your eyes in bright light immediately after finishing the palming. 2. FOCUSING By improving the focusing ability of eye muscles, it is possible to improve visual acuity to
some extent. In this focusing technique you need to stand
with your feet, shoulder length apart. Now choose any object at some distance and
sway your body from side to side but don’t let your eyes move from that object while
swaying. Perform it at least for 5-10 minutes. 3. SPORTS Certain types of sports too can help you a lot especially which involve lots of eye movements. These sports include badminton, football,
volleyball, tennis etc. These sports improve the eye tracking capability,
reaction time, peripheral vision skills, depth perception and visual memory. Hence such sports help in improving overall
eye health and vision quality. So this was all about eye exercises for keratoconus. To get more such videos, please subscribe
my channel ‘KeratoconusHub TV Take care… bye..


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